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TL;DR looking for volunteers

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Hey there, Phillip from TL;DR with an important message to all of our amazing readers:

We're are on the lookout for two cool volunteers who wants to help improve the content that we put out. Currently the TL;DR is a part-time, passion project, co-founded and self-funded by Jacob and I, and with Elliott shouldering a lot of the editorial work, and while we're doing great in terms of numbers, we are trying to become a little bit better every day.

If you're an aspiring artist, designer, writer or social editor looking for a way to get into esports (and if you love CS:GO and think what we're doing is cool), then we have an awesome (but unpaid) opportunity:

What we're looking for

Social media editor / writer

  • Your written English is so close to flawless that we never spot your errors (our readers will though, beware)
  • You can translate our tone of voice to social media posts, and shorter stories for the newsletter and blog
  • You understand Facebook, and social content in general
  • You have *some* experience with community management
  • You love learning and you get a kick out of figuring out new things

Illustrator / designer

  • You have a sound understanding of illustration and/or design
  • You are a semi-experienced user of Photoshop or the Adobe suite
  • You know how to translate our tone of voice into images and memes
  • If you know animation, can create gifs or have other hidden talents, shoot!

What you'll do

Social media editor / writer

  • Own our Facebook content (strategy, copy, light image editing, content requests etc)
  • Help co-develop our overall social media strategy
  • Provide occasional stories for either the blog or newsletter
  • Carry me to a higher rank in CS:GO

Illustrator / designer

  • Create content that is used on social media and in the newsletter
  • Help create memes
  • Carry me to a higher rank in CS:GO

What you get out of it

  • Experience working in esports
  • Access to our collective network and the opportunities they present
  • Mentoring from two guys that have put creative, content, editorial and social media teams together more times than we care to think about
  • The opportunity to learn from us and with us as we build TL;DR
  • Lots of...uh.. exposure
  • Possibility of a paid position when (if) we start creating revenue

To apply send us an email on crew [at] readtldr.com and put "Volunteer" in the subject line.

If you're unsure about one or two of the points, but you know you'll ace the other, shoot us an email anyway. All the things you don't know, we're pretty sure we can teach you. Including how to not win in CS:GO, aizyesque is a real connoisseur of that.

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