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July 31, 2020

Would you rather sit on the bench in a NiP team that doesn't want you, or play in a Top 10 team in the World under HUNDEN himself? According to Lekr0, that's a very simple call.


Source: Starladder (nitr0), Dreamhack (Grim)

nitr0's career appears to be over - not because he's been cancelled, or playing as MIBR's fifth, but because he's decided to retire.

That's all according to DeKay and later confirmed by Rush B Media and Liquid themselves - at least, that nitr0 will not be playing with them at DreamHack next week. Liquid hasn't said anything officially, but their co-CEO confirmed that something is up.

When the Grim Reaper comes knocking, your time is over - and Grim will be replacing ol' nitr0 in Team Liquid at DreamHack Open Summer NA.

Grim was a part of Triumph, has been putting up some stupendous numbers in 2020, and adreN, Liquid's coach, has said that he'll have many of the same positions as he had, meaning it should be a simple transition.

nitr0 had given up his leading and at times AWPing duties earlier this year to Stewie2k as Liquid slowed down, and the change doesn't come as a complete surprise - but it's quite sad that one of NA's stalwarts leaves without a final LAN tournament to sign off on.

One of our reader's favourite memory of nitr0 was him getting styled on by s1mple, which sadly encapsulates Liquid's 'forever the bridesmaid' existence in Counter-Strike. Though, admittedly, he did get his own back.


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  • Ex-Swole Patrol player Cooper revealed how, just like for most of us, VALORANT is nice, but CS:GO always calls you back. Don't believe the hype!
  • Gambit Youngsters might very well finally become just Gambit after Hobbit was announced to have joined the team as a sixth player. Astralis has set such a trend even academy teams are following now.
  • Movistar Riders have benched their mixwell-replacing AWPer, EasTor after disappointing results. Their new addition? WesTor (we're kidding).
  • DeKay gave his opinion about to whether or not the current summer break is enough time off for the players.
  • DeKay also brought us another edition of his mailbag, with questions and answers about Lekr0's future, the Rio Major, and more. The kind of Q&A we actually enjoy.
  • According to a report from Rush B Media, dazzLe should be making his return to CS:GO very soon with Levitate, after his former squad had been lost to VALORANT. They all come running back eventually...

Trust no-one but Valve

In what can only be described as the dream of CS:GO players of a few years ago, Valve have been hard at work updating their game.

The spell of updates to the game started out with the addition of Trusted mode - which limits how programs can interact with the game - a measure taken to make it easier for the devs to find new cheats.

Trusted mode has recently been made the default launching mode, despite it's flaws. It wouldn't be Valve if there wasn't someone complaining somewhere.

Along with the Trusted mode update came two new maps, both high ranking finalist in the well-known Mapcore map-making competition - Mutiny and Swamp. The first of the two is about ye ole tale of pirates and takes place in a pirate bay, although no torrents can be found.

The second is about, well, a swamp. What's notorious about the last one though is that it was co-created by Bubkez, creator of Don Haci's favourite map: Mirage.

Finally, Lord and Saviour, Creator of Sales and Destroyer of Wallets, Gaben has made his disciples bring us some well-deserved bug fixes. Not only do decoy grenades not do damage to teammates anymore when they explode, but doing damage to your squadmates with other grenades and then switching does not reward you for doing so anymore.

Subtitling has now also been limited by default to co-op modes only, as it sometimes allowed people to discover if their shots were hitting enemies through walls or smokes.


Yo lés cocky 2500 ELO gamers


Astralis target (yet) another player

Source: Dreamhack

We're about to tell you a wild story in very few words, so get seated. This will be faster than phoon coming out of ivy.

Astralis re-introduced 6 man lineups in April by picking up es3tag, then got decimated to four players when gla1ve and Xyp9x went on medical leave in quick succession. They picked up JUGi and Snappi, let Snappi go, and are now targeting Bubzkji from MAD Lions according to HLTV. Aaaand breathe.

Are you confused? So are we.

We're not math-geniuses but including their two players on medical leave, Astralis will now have 8 players on contract. Asking your employees to cut wages and then adding three additional headcounts is not how we envisioned the first public traded esports team.

Don't get us wrong, we love Bubzkji. He's exciting to watch and one of Denmark's best players, but leave some talent for the rest of Denmark. aizyesque says pretty please.


CR4ZY goes rabid

  • After a Bo3 that lasted for over four hours, CR4ZY coach Johnta revealed how during their game against Level Up, one of their players got bitten by a dog but kept on playing. Certainly a fitting team name.
  • CEVO has hinted at a comeback with the end of their silence on Twitter. Player Three has joined the game!
  • Heroic's coach HUNDEN has dropped a supposed clue as to Lekr0's next career move over on Twitter. Who wouldn't want to play under a God?
  • Stewie2K took some shots at NA's best rager, m0E for always saying what other players should do but never following his own advice. Backseat gaming at its finest.
  • We don't know if s1mple had a heated gamer-moment, or if he just "used that word", but either way he's been banned from Twitch.
  • One man who hasn't been banned from Twitch, but might be banned from Brazil pretty quickly, is Jonji - who said in no uncertain terms that MIBR suck. It's not that he's wrong...
  • BLAST announced a controversial deal with NEOM, a made up city run by a bad guy, that even Riot Games turned their nose up at. After their own employees dunked on them.

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