Astralis hasn't lost a step

Phillip Rasmussen
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Yay. Astralis are good again. We really missed this.

Weirdly, it turns out Bubzkji and es3tag are really, really good. Who could possibly have guessed that a roster with five good players would still be good. Honestly. It's crazy.

They smashed fnatic and Vitality back-to-back to book their spot in the playoffs at ESL One Cologne, joining... Sprout, who somehow bludgeoned their way past BIG and then OG to get into the playoffs via the Upper Bracket.

OG really just keep up their streak of looking really impressive until they just look really unimpressive.

A team that just keeps looking impressive is Jason Lake's juggernaut. Complexity has the looks of a team that just doesn't give up, and 2-0'ing Na`Vi while not giving away more than 9 rounds in a map is title-contender material.

The biggest losers of ESL One Cologne were BIG, who went from top of the world to bottom of the pile in their own country, not least as they lost to fellow Nationalfünf Sprout. Maybe BIG aren't the best team in the world?

Other teams to go out in last were mousesports, who have sucked for a while, Heretics, who nobody expected to do too well, and MIBR, who we really thought for were going to win ESL One Cologne. 2016.

August 23, 2020

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