BIG surprise at ESL One groupstage

Elliott Griffiths
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It feels weird to talk about BIG losing as a surprise. Previously, when BIG 'surprised' everyone, it was when they managed to make the finals in their home country, or abused a bug to go 3-0 at the Major.

That said, going out of an online tournament early with XANTARES on your team is pretty surprising.

They were overturned by NiP in a near-100 round skirmish, with a 54 round Mirage game that made even the most hardened CS fans want to abolish overtimes.

Elsewhere, MIBR got absolutely pasted by G2, getting two rounds on their own map pick, and double that on G2's pick. That's, how they say, a paddlin'. We're sure they'll sort themselves out in time to beat Fa- sorry, we can't even finish that sentence with a straight face.

Even Carlos - G2's whimsical owner - decided to twist the knife, joking about MIBR's ping problems. They must have been lagging, right?

FaZe weren't exactly great, though, as they got 2-0'd by Heroic. mousesports out-slow-started Natus Vincere as they were eventually beaten out by the CIS squad. Complexity continued their impressive form by sending MAD Lions back to the zoo thanks to an electric performance from poizon.

In NA, Stewie2k smashed his old team to pieces as Liquid took over on map three to take the series over Cloud9. If it wasn't over at 10-0, it certainly was at 11-0. Two men, we only need two men...

EG avoided the upset as they beat Triumph, 100T took down Gen.G and Chaos ensured that they won't get any Christmas cards from Brazil this year, somehow taking down FURIA and then MIBR on Twitter afterwards.

August 20, 2020

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