cadiaN and ZywOo go crazy

Elliott Griffiths
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Remember a few days ago, when we talked about how impressive Complexity looked, with the customary 'juggernaut' tag thrown in there?

Forget we said anything.

They got bodied by a Heroic team who look genuinely scary right now. When your IGL can put up rounds like this one from CadiaN, and you have four other quality players... that's a real juggernaut.

Funny how things works out. A year ago cadiaN was on the bench in North, and now he's being instrumental in building a Top 10 roster, that's in the semifinal of ESL One Cologne. It's almost as if cadiaN wasn't the problem 🤔.

In the semifinal, Heroic will play either G2 or OG, as those two clash today. G2 have been in excellent form, having already beaten Heroic once, and absolutely obliterating MIBR, and OG are looking likely to be the next victim - though NBK would love to get one over on his old chums.

Vitality quickly dispatched of Sprout, who, despite a pretty impressive run to the quarter-finals, found their match in the form of a very, very angry ZywOo.

He went 52-23 - wait, that can't be right. He only played 46 rounds! That would mean he died 0.5 times a round and killed someone more than once a round. Impossible.

We just checked the numbers... and yes, he went 52-23. Uh, sorry, Sprout. Just not your day.

Astralis and NiP clash for their chance to try and face the final boss. They'll need a bit more luck, and a few more headshots.

August 27, 2020

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