Elliott Griffiths
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MAD Lions' honeymoon period with innocent didn't even start, as they were swiftly dispatched by Heroic. cadiaN turned the new look Lions into mincemeat - maybe AcilioN was the wrong 'slightly-underrated-Danish-IGL-that-can-frag-a-bit-better-than-Hunden' for the team to pick up.

oBo took forZe apart in three maps as xsepower still looks the real deal, despite his team's loss, while Endpoint took a map off of our new German overlords, BIG. OG set up a clash against Complexity by taking down Spirit on map three with valde topfragging the lobby.

In NA, Liquid's honeymoon period was much, much more successful. Grim dropped a near-2.0 K/D in his first game as Liquid smashed Ze Pug Godz, though it would have been disappointing if they didn't.

Chaos beat Triumph, FURIA obliterated Yeah and hilariously, C9 were dealt a blow by losing to TeamOne, getting smashed on the final 2 maps.

August 9, 2020

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