EG and Chaos clinch ESL One playoffs

Phillip Rasmussen
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If anyone thought Chaos would descend into obscurity after momentarily peaking against MIBR, they were dead wrong.

steel's troops have only gone one way, and that is the opposite of MIBR. At ESL One Cologne, Chaos have slipped past both FURIA and 100T in tight games to progress to the playoffs. Now, if only they could attend the Major...

In the other group, zews has seemingly put together a working gameplan for Evil Geniuses. Based on their 2-0 victory against Team Liquid, we'd guess that it's called "Ethan go kill". The youngster produced a 54-26 showing in two maps and rocks a 1.55 rating for the overall tournament.

EG has now won 15 maps in a row and looks like the best team in NA by a long way.

They have taken that crown from FURIA, whom seem to be struggling a bit as of late. Yes, arT is still on his bullshit, but it seems like more teams are learning to cope with their relentless aggression.

Gen.G couldn't stop them however, so they'll have another chance at ESL One Cologne, where they face off against 100T for the chance to play EG in the semifinals.

August 23, 2020

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