EG takes ESL One NA title

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by Crash_

We know, it's confusing, but apparently the world of CS isn't only about EU. So as it turns out, ESL One Cologne had North American, Asian and Oceanian iterations. Crazy.

When it comes to our brothers across the pond, let's just say zews might've been a good addition to EG, as throughout the tournament the unnecessary rebrand specialists dropped only two maps -  those two being against Liquid in the final, and they probably threw those on purpose to make it more entertaining for us.

Aside from EG, Chaos gave us a good showing - and not only in the server - FURIA got taught how their relentless aggression doesn't work forever, and Team Liquid showed us that having to carry one player every game isn't the best tactic either. We already knew that from our own games of course.

Over in Aussie territory, a Denmark-infused Renegades managed to dismantle all the competition in a convincing manner - like EG, not dropping a single map, although the comparison really ends there.

And in the Asian side of the tournament we saw a very unsurprising result, with TYLOO taking first spot, although not as convincingly as the other regions.

August 30, 2020

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