Envy owner says G2 players wants out

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_

If you believe Envy owner Mike Rufail, G2's CSGO players don't want to be in G2 any more.

If you believe G2 owner Carlos, Mike has been finessed.

We're no Jake Lucky so we're not well-versed in esports beef, but we think Carlos won the spat, because he used bigger words, got more likes and his team isn't total rubbish in CSGO.

G2 aren't the best team in CSGO, but at least they're not currently playing LEGIJA and attempting to sign a UK player. That said, Envy did win a Major back in the day (with current G2 player kennyS no less) while G2 are yet to win one.

Carlos called Envy an 'old, dying dinosaur' which in CSGO is, for sure, true, but Envy are currently in the COD League Final which... well, COD is also a dinosaur, but apparently it's impressive. G2 are the new kids, taking over on VALORANT and League of Legends (unless they play against a Chinese team, or fnatic a few days ago).

If Envy do end up winning in COD, they'll overtake G2 in prize money won in esports, which is not bad for a dying dinosaur. And also, they've got Post Malone as an owner. Nothing says down with the kids like having Post Malone involved. And not saying phrases like 'down with the kids'.

However, if what Mike says is true, and G2's players want out, maybe we could finally see NiKo and huNter- united, for more than just a photo-op. "Niko, cousin! Let's go bo- ehm gaming!"

August 30, 2020

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