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Elliott Griffiths
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  • Richard Lewis doesn't care about the flame. He was born in it. Moulded by it. He decided to incur the wrath of Brazil with this - well-written, but Brazil-inciting - article.
  • Dignitas' CSGO team might have a new name, after vie.gg won the naming rights.
  • We have a ranking ranking - now you can see all the rankings side by side, and internally rank them. That word just looks funny now.
  • "If you've had SPUNJ in your pipes..."
  • Astralis published a mini-interview with gla1ve where he spoke about coaching with zonic and how it'll help him blend in with the team when he rejoins.
  • A small patch with fixes to Cache, Swamp and Mutiny (yeah, us neither) came out this week.
  • Envy want Thomas and Smooya is trialing with c0ntact in UKCS news.
  • wippie joins Ze Pug Godz, NickelBack wants to be a Winstrike star, EasTor joins OFFSET and Real Betis have unveiled a new line-up.
August 27, 2020

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