HUNDEN, dead and zoneR banned for bug-abuse

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Dreamhack / Stephanie Lindgren

As the subject of the email you literally just clicked on said, this has been a bad week for Counter-Strike - and we're not just talking about MIBR losing AGAIN.

They have lost more than just games, and their dignity, but also their coach too - dead was one of the coaches found being a little bit naughty.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that the huggable grandfather teddy bear of Counter-Strike, GOD HUNDEN, has also been cheating. Behind that smile was the cold heart of a man who would do anything to win, including exploiting a bug.

It's maybe the first time a God has used their omniscience for something nefarious, depending on your view of religion, we suppose.

Similarly, MechanoGun/zoneR (our man has two cool-ass sounding names) was found to be abusing it for even longer, and has been banned for even longer. FURIA may also have been using and abusing.

Xyp9x clearly foresaw this going the way it did, probably because he has an IRL coach bug. If you ask Pasza, Astralis might have had it in the Major-winning round in 2017. The poor guy has gone senile. Or he's joking.

Someone who really likes energy drinks reckons he found the 'one round' that MIBR cheated in, while somedieyoung appeared to take HUNDEN's transgressions personally.

We all did, man. That one hurt.

September 3, 2020

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