Made in Brazil, destroyed in NA, dismantled in EU

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • MIBR are working hard to pursue their trend of losing games, as MAD Lions took the liberty of stomping them 16-1 on the Brazilian's own map pick, and then 2-0ing them for good measure. How do you say yikes in Brazilian?
  • Speaking of MAD Lions, peacemaker lived up to his name and quickly defused the situation surrounding the reported departure of roeJ and AcilioN. Thanks for info.
  • DeKay called out Valve for being vague on the future of the Rio Major, kind of like our writer PeeKay did in his most recent blog post. Just make sure not to get their names confused.
  • HLTV posted an interview with steel in which he explains how it feels to get a team in the top 30, again, amongst some other topics as well. Way to rub it in our face Josh...
  • Yeah have benched rifler iDk, who had expressed his desire to return to his family in Brazil.
  • cadiaN broke his promise of a P90 rush after his tweet got over 11K likes. We feel this isn't his first tweet that he regrets, but man how the tables have turned. Vi elsker dig cadiaN.
  • After a chaotic last round, with an eco-win and b0rup grabbing a 4K, we feel like this is the appropriate reaction to have. Whether it's maniacal or joyful laughing, we still haven't decided.
  • Ze Pug Godz have decided to rebrand to Swole Patrol. A catchy name indeed, but does it ring true?
  • Imperial have had to cancel their European bootcamp after LUCAS1 and fnx tested positive for the corona virus. The Brazilians really can't catch a break...
  • Twitter user appeBiceps posted what can only be called an accurate description of what EG must feel like with their current eleven matches high win streak. Just another day in the office.
August 30, 2020

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