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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: 1PV (ALEX) and Epic LAN (Mezii)

If there was any doubts about ALEX's English-ness after his stints in French teams, there's none of that around new recruit Mezii, a man so English, he talks to an American, Ryan Friend (of Rush B), as if the American will have no idea what Birmingham is.

Mezii, unsurprisingly, is on a much smaller contract than ALEX and the third player that we'll get to. The deal adds up to around a third of the deal to bring in the IGL, but it's still estimated that he's earning around $12000 a month. When your other option is playing on GamerLegion for peanuts, you're not going to turn your nose up at it.

Many were underwhelmed by this move - we were expecting big uppercuts and a few jumping head kicks, but this was a mere jab.

But as any boxing fan knows, a jab is often a set-up for a big left hook.

woxic became the third piece of Exodia... or the third finger of Captain Hook - that is to say, three fingers of the least useful hand ever - depending on your position.

It's difficult to be too excited; largely as we only have half of the team so far. Should C9 sign some quality players for the other options - sure, it's a good core.

But if the remaining players are closer to 'solid pieces' (which often is a euphemism for 'not good enough to be the star of a good team'), then we're not all that hyped.

woxic is a damn good player, though. If you get the HellRaisers woxic, then all of a sudden, $30,000 a month sounds like good business.

Hold on.

Hold on a ticky-boo.

$30,000 a month?? Is this... normal?

ALEX IS ON $40,000!?!?

We have no frame of reference, but that seems like a lot of money. Obviously, FLASHPOINT is supposed to be making the teams a lot of money, and C9 are a massive organisation. But if ALEX is on 40k (plus bonuses!), then s1mple's contract must be absolutely bananas.

We think oSee and floppy might regret their decision to not re-sign with Cloud9 now, regardless of what they say.

September 20, 2020

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