The B in Group B stands for Bdeath

Elliott Griffiths
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Vitality, fnatic, FaZe and NiP.

Those are the teams that DIDN'T get out of Group B.

NiP somehow managed to be worse than FaZe, though it did take their best player going on medical leave and THREAT playing for FaZe to finally win a game.

Vitality missed out on a spot after losing a deciding game against mousesports. Yes, really. fnatic were wholly underwhelming, and nobody could argue Spirit and mouz didn't deserve the spot over them.

If you want to talk underwhelming, though, what happened to G2? They were undisputed top 5 the last time we checked, we swear, and now they're just... finishing on the same scoreline as x-kom AGO and GODSENT.

We were going to say "no wonder they want NiKo", but that guy finished 2-5 as well.

Must run in the family.

It makes us think, though. If FaZe Clan are a 'bunch of f**king clowns', Carlos, what does that make the team who ended on the same score in an easier group?

We're getting a little bit bored of talking about how OG are impressive but never quite make it, so we won't do it this time. They finished 5th. Good work!

In NA, Cloud9 are playing to try and find a new organisation for the team. They're going to struggle at this rate, though maybe Triumph could use the upgrade. Triumph are 0-5 and there's no better word for their play than 'miserable'.

FURIA were looking unstoppable, until 100 Thieves stopped them, but they're still probably the best team in the region. HEN1 is currently the highest rated player in the tournament - if you'd have said two years ago, that HEN1 would not only be the best AWPer in Brazil, but in the whole of the Americas...

Well. You'd have been right.

Oh, how the mighty have FalleN.

September 20, 2020

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