The Nissan drives off into the sunset

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Speaking of ex-iBP members, our favourite cs_summit actor - Josh Nissan, AKA steel - has joined the long list of VALORANT defectors players.
  • Another one bites the dust, but this time it's Sliggy, an observer, and we don't think he'll be going to VALORANT. He did leave his config though, which is nice.
  • Bubzkji seems dead set on awakening the sleeping giant that is Valve after the recent... unfolding of events in the scene.
  • gla1ve has picked up his glaive of war again and re-joined the active roster of Astralis. Glad to have you back, shame about es3tag however...
  • As if dead wasn't already a dead man walking, Michal threw some more bug-abusing evidence on top, showing how the coach used the exploit during FACEIT's ECS tournament as well.
  • ESL have appointed a new Commissioner for their Pro League event, Alexander Inglot. If your first reaction is "wait who as a what?" then all you should know is that this person is supposed to work out the vision described in the Louvre agreement.
  • "Alright CUT! Stick to the script guys!"
  • Some people do still have integrity apparently, like FURIA's coach guerri, who took the time to fully explain how the coach bug had affected him and what he did. guerri didn't lie, be more like guerri.
September 3, 2020

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