VALORANT receives nitr0 tuning

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • If you thought thinks couldn't get worse for NA CS, then think again, as nitr0 has decided to leave the game and join Hiko in 100T's revamped VALORANT roster. Please come back, we miss you already...
  • Don Haci and others have brought up a worrying problem surrounding CSGO's Overwatch system, allowing cheaters to get their enemies a griefing ban. The hunted have become the hunters, but worse even, the victims are actually victims.
  • LUCAS1 has landed a team again, comfirming earlier reports that he was headed to Imperial, joining SHOOWTIME and fnx amongst others. We'd love to say no fnx no Major, but the coronavirus ruined that joke.
  • Reddit user shadereplay managed to obtain the world record in CS:GO's Gun Range, completing the course in 20 seconds with a PP-Bizon. The man just combined two of the least used things in CS:GO, and hot damn is he good at it.
  • Syman Gaming have brought back the K23 brand, a Kazakhstani team name that AdreN helped bring to fame with a shocking WCG Silver medal in 2005.
  • ESL One Colonline has had its on air talent revealed, with the surprise return of fan-favourite Pansy. Can you believe it!?
  • s1mple toyed with the idea - and our hearts - of joining old teammate and good friend Hiko on VALORANT. He's just joking, right? RIGHT?
  • Our friends over at Rush B Media took a look at how NaToSaphiX has transformed himself from a simple content-creator to a professional player. Genuinely the nicest guy around.
  • Counter-Strike YouTuber and avid self-declared statistician wagga used stats to determine the best crosshair you can use. Rank improvements not guaranteed.
August 16, 2020

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