What a plot twist(a)!

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • ENCE have announced they'll be benching their coach Twista until further notice, as he revealed he too had used the coach exploit, back in 2017. At least their firepower is safe, right?
  • In an interview with HLTV, seized said that he would keep playing until "it stops giving him pleasure". Clearly seized has never played Level 1 free FACEIT.
  • And if you think that wasn't enough seized, then we think you'll enjoy the second part of the interview. Seized Interview Part Two: Ex-lectric Boogaloo
  • Although napz keeps saying the only god is ChristJ, we at TLDR allow all player based religions to be expressed equally.
  • Even though the footage should speak for itself, we confidently believe u/xdALEX-KING's ace can be declared as "Most Silvery Ace" we've seen. Especially considering there's an R8 involved, he has 800$ on a pistol round, and he actually wins a "retake" as B anchor. Silver is a crazy place.
  • RpK dropping kills like it's CS:Source, you love to see it.
  • Let's just say you'd have to go to *great* depths to get FURIA to give up a round right now.
September 13, 2020

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