Flashpoint caught red handed

Elliott Griffiths

Thorin started the day showing off about FLASHPOINT's viewer numbers and mocking those who talk about a 'non-influential' league (which apparently he isn't doing when he tweets about ESL every few days?).

Well, the thing is, those numbers are inflated. The stream is embedded on the FACEIT website apparently, which boosts those numbers up by 97%, according to Professeur of HLTV.

Now, they're not technically viewbotting, but those aren't real viewers, and you might have gotten away with it if you weren't flaunting it so much.

Richard Lewis himself called it out as 'deceptive and lame', which seems very... soft for him. Either he's become a little less 'school of hard knocks' in the last few months or he thinks the people behind it don't have bad intentions...

Thorin, however, has decided to double down by... calling the teams in his league tier 2 and saying people are tuning in to watch Swole Patrol play FURIA. Definitely nothing to do with FURIA being better than any team in FLASHPOINT, no sirree.

He then said other people were bragging about their numbers. You... you started this, you madman. You kept the tweet of you bragging up! Are we in the twilight zone? What is happening?!

ESL weren't exactly going crazy either. Ulrich Schulze of ESL decided to stay smugly magnanimous.

April 2, 2020

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