Richard Lewis: ELEAGUE | Thorin: ESL, Helena Kristiansson | Tarik: Starladder.

14 CSGO Twitter profiles you need to follow

Staying up to date with CS:GO can be hard, that's why we made TL;DR after all, but we have decided to make it a little easier for you.


Staying up to date with CS:GO can be hard, that's why we made TL;DR after all, but we have decided to make it a little easier for you.

If you're using Twitter, we have gathered a list of the most important CS:GO Twitter profiles that you need to follow to stay up to date with what's going on in CS:GO. Or just for the lulz.


Literal flamethrower extraordinaire. Follow him for the heat, stay for the burns.

Richard Lewis

RL and twitter beefs, we dare you to name a better combo. Confrontational and sharp as a razor, this bulldog brings wits, bone dry humor and a no bullshit attitude to the table. Follow him for the twitter destructions, stay for the content.


Once the CS:GO leaker extraordinaire, now retired BitCoin investor and self-proclaimed Global Elite and Gold Coin holder. Follow him for the nabbed memes and stay for his world class baits.


A guy that puts the stick in his sticker. What's not to love? Follow him for the tip, stay for the rest.


They once called him peanutbrain, but that was when he was skinny. Now he's swole, and made FaZe throw a Major with his big... brain... moves. Follow him for the daily reminder, stay for the dad-tweets.


Had a thing going as the second best in-game leader in Denmark, and best "we'll come back stronger"-tweets. He has still got the latter. Follow him for the (over?) ambitious tweets, stay for the replies.


If you wonder where people like DonHaci and aizyesque are nabbing their memes from, look no further. Follow him for the high quality bangers, stay for the low quality shitposts.


It turns out, some corporate accounts can be funny. ESL do not shy away from posting memes and other begrudgingly funny tweets. Follow for the stats, stay for the slightly-too-old memes.

Will Land

This wordsmith has flair in abundance, and if he ever needs a job, we might just give him one. Follow him for the jabs, stay for the right hooks.


If you're a real nerd, you need to follow 3kliksphilip, who might be CS:GO big-brain numero uno. Follow him for the science, stay for the real deep dives.


Even if you're too young to know USZAT, you should probably follow Michal Blicharz. He's VP of Pro Gaming at ESL, runs Intel Extreme Masters, can kick your ass in judo, and does always take his time to interact with questions and comments about the tournament structure. Follow him for the Liverpool tweets, stay for the throwbacks.


neL is the undisputed king of CS:GO writing in France, and is probably one of the most solid journalists when it comes to sniffing up roster moves. If you want to know things first, follow neL for the reports, stay for the content.


If neL is the king of France, DeKay would be president of the USA. If a report is worth investigating, you can be sure that DeKay will be on the case, and even when he doesn't get the story first, he always brings additional info to the table. Follow him for the leaks, stay for the extra insights.


Okay we might be biased (no, this is not Elliott writing a loveletter to himself), but aizyesque is kinda fun. Not everybody can take still images from PornHub classics like FakeTaxi, and make them into SFW CS:GO-memes. Follow him for the memes, stay for the FaZe roasts.

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