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Top 50 accounts to follow for CSGO on Twitter in 2022

Here are the must-follow accounts for any Counter-Strike fan covering roster leakers, news sites, creators, shitposters and players.


Missing CS yet? Well the 2022 season is just around the corner, and it’s gonna be a treat.

In the meantime, we’ve got something to get you even more hyped: 50 Counter-Strike Twitter accounts that every CS:GO fan should follow.

If you're too lazy to read our countdown, you can also just follow our Twitter list that has all accounts here:

Now, let's get into it:

The OG

  1. CSGO Dev Team: An actually funny (once a week) and helpful (once a month) game dev account. Still a must follow. (@CSGO)


The list wouldn’t be right without them. The only thing better than CS:GO is CS:GO transfers.

  1. neL: 1PV’s ever reliable reporter. Probably the most prolific story breaker we have. Shame he’s Fr*nch. (@neLendirekt)
  2. Mira: Dexerto’s Esports Editor. Great reports, better beard. (@luismmira)
  3. OverDrive . CIS leaker. Doesn’t tweet often but when he does it’s (nearly) always right. Esports wouldn’t be esports without its anonymous leakers, after all. (@ABOverDrive)
  4. Roque Marques: Over to Brazil now, get your Google Translates ready. But the pain is worth it - Roque is THE guy for South American roster moves. (@Roque_mn)
  5. Ryan: Okay. Ryan. Yes, bloody Ryan. The self-anointed “final boss of csgo twitter”. Shitposter. Roster leaker. Really annoying. But quite funny. (@RyanAtRBM)

Honourable mentions: Lucas Benaim, Foxer, Liam Slevin, Rafinha


  1. HLTV: You knew these guys already. But their Twitter game has been stepping up recently and this list simply has to include them. (@HLTVOrg)
  2. Jaxon: Everyone’s favourite little robot. First they broke the news of falleN and co’s Last Dance, and then they broke fans' hearts by reminding everyone how bad an idea that is. (@JaxonMVP)
  3. Dust2: NA may have terrible teams but they have great stories. And Dust2 is the best place to find them. (@dust2US)
  4.  Rush B Media: Ryan’s vanity project. But lowkey gaining a bit of momentum. (@RushBMediaGG)

Honourable mentions: Dexerto, 1PV, Globo, Dust2dk, Liquipedia.


The TL;DR newsletter is all you really need to follow CS:GO. But humans don’t “need” chocolate cake, or video games. So here are our favourite writers for you to get your teeth into.

  1. Striker . HLTV’s editor. Has a Google Sheet for every Round Robin tournament ever. One half of CS:GO’s best Eastern European duo. (@StrikerHLTVOrg)
  2. Professeur. Other half of CS:GO’s best Eastern European duo. Like NiKo and huNter except they’re both NiKo. (@Professeur_CS)
  3. Nohte. Dunks on match fixers at work. Dunks on match fixers when he gets home. (@Nohte)
  4. Mnmzzz. Made it big too quickly, now stuck with the worst gamertag in CS:GO. His fault for being a damn good journo. (@MnmzzzCS)

Honourable mentions: CarbonDogma, Josse_VD, KingDempz, LucasHLTV, Coby Zucker


  1. Richard Lewis: The GOAT Esports journalist. Exposed Nothing in PayPal, IBP, Tmartn. The list goes on. (@RLewisReports)
  2. Thorin: The Esports historian. Love him or hate him, nobody creates as much high quality tier one content. (@Thorin)
  3. Pimp: High-effort and good tweets. There’s no joke, he’s just a good account. Must be annoying seeing people tweet ‘Counter-Strike’ and get way more traction than a thread he spends hours on, though. (@Pimp_CSGO)
  4. Voo: Has really good thumbnails. Like, really good. More people should hire whoever makes those. Videos are good too. Takes less so. (@vooCSGO)
  5. NarT: Knows the meta better than most IGLs. SPUNJ shouts him out on every other broadcast and for good reason. (@NartOutHere)
  6. Double Scope: High production value and scripts by Anders, YnK & Mauisnake. What more could you want? (@DoubleScopeCSGO)
  7. JoJo: Twitch streamer. Used to be on Mythic. Unbelievably talented shitposter. (@JosiahCSGO)
  8. Mahone: Dunno about you guys but our favourite Christmas present was Mahone’s triumphant return to YouTube. (@mahone_tv)
  9. Hawka:  If he was on Football Manager, he’d have a £200m buyout clause. Wunderkind (@hawka_cs)

Honourable mentions: zipelCS, daveyCSGO, KingT, DatPaladin, TheMultiOakers, SmirkyDoor


This is where the fun begins. It’s time to end your reddit reliance!

  1. Don Haci: Is it really CS Twitter without the Don? The church of yee_lmao1 has spread far and wide, and for good reason. The godfather is our first must-follow shitposter. (@DonHaci)
  2. Aizyesque: Ice cold. Not Aizy. Came from England (not Britain). Sauce on spill. Memer. Podcaster. Writer. Elliott Griffiths is the only real Evil Genius. (@aizyesque)
  3. Piethrouer: Everywhere we go, we see his avatar. Already has Beyond the Summit, ESL, and CSGOdev in his infinity gauntlet. (@piethrouer)
  4. Norse: We came for Source 2 leaks, but stayed for his charm. We love him so much we had to interview him. (@nors3)
  5. Brian: Basically an amalgamator for Twitter - he may be a nabber but he makes sure they’re good ones. (@_BrianCS)
  6. EllanarkJesus: Stat Man. OptaJesus. (@EllanarkJesus)

Honourable mentions: koi, HellRaisers, Bad News Bears, DBLPoney, Wheezy


CS:GO has got so much sick talent we could make a list of 50 just in this category. But we’ve done our best to whittle it down.

  1. Machine: Probably the voice of CSGO in 2021. Technically flawless. Suave. Every CSGO fan’s man crush. (@MACHINEgg)
  2. Spunj: His parents knew what they were doing when they called him Chad. Counter-Strike’s Jamie Carragher - so good on broadcast people underrate their time as players. (@SPUNJ))
  3. Anders: Genuinely believes we’re living in a simulation. Probably because he’s running it. (@OnFireAnders)
  4. Semmler: Had a bit of a moment on Twitter recently but still an absolute veteran. Along with Anders, been the template for all esports duos since 2013. (@OnFireSemmler)
  5. Moses: Was very close to being cut from the list for this tweet. Good thing he’s CS royalty. The Bald Eagle stays. (@MosesGG)
  6. Scrawny: Canadian play-by-play caster with unbelievable wordplay. No, not the one who likes cars. (@ScrawnyCG)
  7. Sadokist: Canadian play-by-play caster with unbelievable wordplay. The one who likes cars.(@Sadokist)
  8. Launders: Coach lau has started blessing us with snippets of his videos on his Twitter, and they’re kinda nice. (@launders)

Honourable mentions: Harry, Hugo, Vince, DarfMike, Dweg, Dinko, Allan Hender, Phy, Trav, Cody, Mac, Conky, TeaTime.

Phew, we told you there was a lot.

THE TALENT II: Desk and Interviewers

  1. Ynk . The original weatherman. Got a spot on FaZe by retweeting @CoachQuotes. Legend. (@YNk)
  2. Maniac. Swiss not French! As good on Twitter as he is on broadcast. (@Maniac_CSGO)
  3. Mauisnake. Surfer dude and knows as much about CS:GO as anyone. Can you ask for more? (@mauisnake)
  4. Freya. Completed Interviewing. Completed stage hosting. Now completing desk hosting. (@FreyaSpiers)
  5. Frankie . Cool hair. Cooler logo. Even cooler interviews. Plus baby photos. (@FrankieWard)
  6. Heccu . Latvian interviewer. Called how good xertioN was before he was even in FPL. We're investing everything we've got into kyuubii now. (@Hency_Heccu)

Honourable mentions: stunna, Banks, Bleh.


Players generally have kinda wack Twitter games. Our tip: mute the phrases “ggwp”. Second tip: follow the good ones.

  1. Styko: The YouTube might drop off a bit now he’s back in the game with Apeks but his Twitter game won’t. (@STYKOcsgo)
  2. Bubzkji: Apparently is quite good at the game. But being in Astralis’ basement for so long has made him an even better shitposter. (@Bubzkji)
  3. Floppy: So Gen Z it hurts. But we’re glad he’s home. Stay with us this time, Ricky. (@floppyCSGO)

Honourable mentions: roeJ, MiGHTYMAX.

We’re finishing off the list with three young guns. Their accounts aren’t gonna be award-winning but trust us, it’s worth following these guys just so you can flex about ‘calling it’ when they get a major MVP in 2025. 

  1. Try . Argentine and has long hair. All we need to declare him as CS:GO’s Messi. Gonna show coldzera who’s boss in 2022. (@tryRSS)
  2. Cynic . Only been a Party Astronaut for 4 months but this could be the year he lands on the moon. (@cynic_fps)
  3. Dumau . Brazil has a crazy amount of talent. But dumau is right in amongst all of it. He and felps are one scary duo. (@dumaucs)

Honourable mentions: kensi, Kyuubii, mhL, chawzyyy

Number 50

  1. TL;DR on CSGO: How did we make it to the list? Well, you’re forgetting that we have no shame, and even less humility. On a serious note though, we’re actually quite insightful. And funny. So jump in our lifeboat and we'll guide you through Counter-Strike’s content tsunami in real time. (@readTLDR)

And that's it!

If you made it this far, you're a real one. And once more, you can follow all of these accounts in one click with our neat Twitter list.

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