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January 18, 2021

Every single roster move you've missed, GeT_RiGhT stepping down, maybe, and the Major is back. The Major! It's back!

Major News!

Illustration by NovaH


You weren't followed, were you? Nobody saw you open this email?

Alright, good. Whisper it quietly - but we think 2020 might be over.

Okay smarty pants, we know that the year ended, but we mean the 2020 malaise that has been plaguing us all - and god damn do PGL have a present for all of us.

Pray to whatever God you believe in (we usually go for s1mple) that this one doesn't get cancelled - but the PGL Major is scheduled to take place in Stockholm in late October.

It's been so long since the last Major, that GeT_RiGhT was at the last one with NiP. EG were still NRG, and the Aussies were still Renegades. The Boys will have changed org twice between Majors.

paszaBiceps was still playing at the last one Astralis didn't win. Hell, the last time Astralis weren't the holders of the Major trophy, Cloud9 became the first American team to do so. They're not even American any more.

We absolutely cannot wait. This will be THE most hyped Major of all time in our humble opinion. We're expecting cheerleaders, fireworks, people fainting, gamers throwing their underwear on stage, some DJ (that we've never heard of because we're boomers) playing loud music that everyone hates, the full works.

It's going to be flipping awesome.

Oh, and Astralis are probably going to win the whole thing again. The killjoys.


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Illustration by NovaH

Let's kick this off with an absolute bomb - woxic is benched.

Yes, already. The Turk has some issues outside of the server it seems, but nothing more has been publicly stated (though we imagine moving across the world during a pandemic might make it tough to get a visa, when you're from Turkey). Xeppaa will be his replacement.

Take a breath, quick. No time to waste.

autimatic, flusha and suNny are trying to find a team as a trio, with no word on the fourth and fifth. We hear MSL and aizy aren't too busy right now. Just a thought. This does mean flusha has been benched on fnatic, with Jackinho being his replacement. No, it's not just JaCKz with a name change and a moustache.

Jamppi is going to V*LORANT, 'cause he's VAC banned. Fair enough. He might have met JUGi there, who was trialed by Team Liquid, but the Dane seems to be staying in CS for now. ENCE are picking up Snappi and TMB to fill those roles.

-chrisj +chrisj might be back on boys and girls. He appears to be out of the mousesports roster, with dexter and acoR replacing him and karrigan, who seems to be going back to FaZe. Just in time for another Major...

BnTeT and jkaem are joining The Boys** in some sort of Asian Minor super team, while kRYSTAL has gone back to Alternate Attax and snatchie has gone back to AGO. All of those moves are equally exciting, right guys?

The final few:

  • Speaking of exciting, North are trialing grux. Cool!
  • FaNg might be joining the old Cloud9 team, while the new one is picking up Elmapuddy, after Kassad left. We almost forgot that happened.
  • Envy finally cut their team. Must have remembered they had one.
  • GODSENT have sold their roster to a mysterious entity. It might be TLDR. It probably isn't.
  • NiP have a youth team. Probably a bit late.
  • degster and Patsi are available. Get them while they're hot!

Man that was a lot. That's ok, we're sure we got all of them.


What would you bet on if we gave you €10?

We have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that we won't give you €10, but the good news is that Midnite will*.

Who is Midnite then, you might ask? Well they're a bookmaker licensed in the UK, and they've designed a betting site that focus 100% on esports.

Here are four things we love about them:

  • The best odds on the market, plus a huge variety of games to play on
  • Fast deposits and fast withdrawals
  • They got a Discord channel for all your customer support questions (we don't know any bookmaker out there that has this service)
  • The website is made by gamers, for gamers. You won't need a manual to find your way around

If you got any doubts, just remember that UK CS always loses, which by that logic, means that you win.

*Like the old adage goes, you gotta spend money to make money. To get the €10 you will need to put a €20 bet on Midnite. Validity of this offer depends on your country of residence and local laws


Roster-monium! - Brazil edition

We lied. We didn't get all of the transfers. Here's all that happened in Brazil.

  • Remember MIBR? Forget everything you knew. Their new roster is just four BOOM players and someone else. At least boltz is back?
  • You might be thinking, what happened to that other roster that was doing well? Well, three of the players, and also coach cogu left, and then trk and kNgV- followed suit. No idea why.
  • In the mean time, FURIA benched HEN1 and signed Junior, a super interesting move. Junior is very, very talented, but American. Eww.
  • They also announced honda as a sixth player. You can make your own car jokes. They definitely haven't all been done before.
  • leo_drk (we preferred the old name) was benched by his old team to play on the team he just joined but elsewhere. Yeah, we know. Basically, he's staying with the now ex-MiBR guys.
  • Oh, by the way, FalleN joined Liquid. We almost forgot.
  • TeamOne made some changes - b4rtin is out, a player who you should definitely keep an eye on.
  • dumau also left Yeah, another talented Brazilian.
  • You didn't have to keep your eye on them for long - it seems they're joining GODSENT. GODSENT leaked their roster move by posting an ad for an editor. Seriously.
  • Some total moron got suspended for sexual harassment.

Brazil went a bit crazy this player break. Nearly as crazy as we did trying to cover it all.


GeT_RiGhT steps down from CS:GO

Well sure, but not really. In a Twitch stream on Friday, the Swede announced that he is stepping down from professionally playing.

The Swedish superstar has stated he won't outright rule out a comeback - we've all had that sudden urge to play Counter-Strike again, and it's usually when our PC is broken or we're on holiday - but for now, he's going to be focusing on content creation for his team, Dignitas.

That just sounds like retirement with extra steps.

For a second we thought 2021 was just going to be 2020: Round 2, as it seemed like GeT_RiGhT was teasing a switch to CS:GO's retirement home, VALORANT.

In an interview with Dexerto, he also touches on some other subjects, like for example his long time partner in crime, f0rest, or his disease and how's he's dealt with it during his career.

This man's playing top tier CS with Crohn's and we can't even be bothered to get out of bed.


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