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February 12, 2021

Complexity aren't taking a break from winning and xsepower is taking an enforced break from forZe.

poizon is the potion

It turns out that having poizon instead of JUGi can completely change how good your team is. Who knew?

It's the difference between coming last at an event and forcing ZywOo to have his worst performance ever. Literally. 2-17 on Overpass. Yeesh.

We didn't realise the gap between JUGi and poizon was THAT big, in fairness.

Complexity went from strength to strength and topped their BLAST group, taking out EG in the final 2-0 with jks finishing on the highest rating. That's encouraging, maybe even more so than Col winning games.

However, it's clear that this group was tiered by how French you are - the more French you are, the worse you perform. That is to say, Vitality finished last, with G2 coming third. G2's experiment doesn't appear to be going all that well, and kennys also soiled the sheets in G2's final game.

You can take the AWPer out of France, but you can't take the surrender out of the AWPer.


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apEX takes a break

Illustration by NovaH. Source: apEX

The French IGL will be taking a leave of absence from ZywOotality, lasting at least until the end of BLAST Premier Spring.

The six man team is now down to five, which is good news if your name is Nivera. Who will take over his leading duties is still unclear. As long as it's not shox, the team is fine.

The team has stated personal problems as the cause for the sudden break, and that the players' health remains their top priority.

Although the reason for apEX taking a step back isn't completely clear, it's good that the team recognizes their player needs some time for himself, and we applaud them for their move. Mental health is important, y'all.

As we mentioned earlier, Nivera will probably be taking a more permanent role in the team, and the team will lose its "inter-map swapping" ability. Whether this will hurt or benefit the team is yet to be seen, but we predict it won't matter much, as having ZywOo gives you a +9001 efficiency bonus. That's over 9000.


Episode 2 of our podcast is out

Artwork by NovaH

"MSL was like, peak GuardiaN with the AWP, and peak gla1ve with the brain".

We don't know why, but we talked ourselves into giving aizyesque some more airtime on our new podcast "Overtime on Inferno".

If you like us, can't decide if it's mad or brilliant, be sure to give Episode 1 or Episode 2 a listen. If you like it, do the usual: Like, comment, subscribe and send us new topics to talk about.

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Anyone need an AWPer?

  • dexter has officially brought his laboratory to mousesports - with karrigan presumably heading away to FaZe - though that is yet to be confirmed. dexter's first game is against Renegades; the team he just left.
  • olofmeister seems to think karrigan is coming home to FaZe - though this choice of video is... interesting.
  • MSL is now officially a free agent, and had a clean looking graphic to go with it. Whether or not you gain control of the DH Stockholm trophy he now owns is yet to be announced.
  • xsepower has been benched by forZe and officially transfer listed - with the AWPer confirming he speaks English. Sort of. Probably worth it?
  • forZe have signed KENSI and zorte but haven't really said if they'll start. We would... assume so?
  • twist is a free agent following his benching from NiP.

BOOM! Roasted.

  • If you ever get absolutely destroyed by EliGE on twitter, you should probably start thinking about what you've done.
  • It gets even worse when s1mple joins in as well. It's really not that hard to, you know, not be racist.
  • Tricked are kiRently PR1med for any new kwezzts, as they feel Lucky to have zyp. Sycrone, however, will be looking for a new job.
  • New PogChamp emote?
  • This Nic Dobson guy created an elo ranking bridging both CS:GO and CS 1.6 to see who the best team of all time was, and to find out when teams had their eras. Some interesting notes: 2012 fnatic was better than 2015 fnatic, and 2014 LDLC is better than 2014 NiP. Go figure.

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