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February 26, 2021

The World's best paid Nuke-player might get some more playtime, while znajder and MODDII have teamed up. It's not 2015 in case you were wondering.

The five-headed dog of Sweden


Hey you!

Yeah, you! Remember znajder, and MODDII?

No? Well Lemondogs do, and they've added the two Swedes to recent NiP outcast twist and two players you've never heard of (xelos and hamzk9), to create a five headed Lemondog. If three heads makes it Cerberus, then five must make it citrus.

Dignitas must be absolutely delighted to have a Swedish team beneath them (at least for now), while FREDDyFROG and Relaxa are just gutted there's a non-top Swedish team that they're not on. We swear they're on four or five teams at once sometimes.

It's fair to see we don't expect massive things from this team, but it's nice to see a scene recycle talented veterans to lead new young players, instead of, ooh we don't know, sauntering off to a rival game.


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Bubzkji might be out the gulag pog

Illustration by NovaH. Source: Astralis/Bubzkji

Well, sort of. Because Valve are a bit behind on the times, RMR events will not allow the multi-people rosters as we've seen them done by Vitality and - to some extent - Astralis. This means you can't change players in between maps, and that these two teams will have to rethink their systems.

In an interview with HLTV, Bubkji has assured us that he won't just play one map all the time and sit on the bench, but will actually - forcibly really - play multiple maps and entire series. Whether or not Astralis will apply this in actual RMR events is kind of shaky, but Bubzkji's said we will see him more after Katowice, during for example ESL Pro League.

It's not like Astralis needed him in Katowice though, as Astralis took quick care of mousesports, EG, and Spirit- oh. Third time is apparently not the charm.

Anyhow, we'll probably see more of Bubzkji in the future, and to be fair anything beats playing 16 maps in 7 months right... right?


To kick a king

Source: OG

Come at the Kingmaker, you best not miss.

NBK might be the first person to leave OG since the org came into CSGO, and this time it's before he's able to make a king.

We've thought for a while that OG should make a change, as the team has had a long time now and not really got any better. Whilst making the team less French can never be a bad thing, is changing your 5th player really the game-changing fix?

This indicates a few things -

  1. That Aleksib's coy will-they-won't-they "we're having a lot of discussions" comments were mostly nonsense, 'cause it seems their minds have been made up, and
  2. That they don't believe NBK will create a 'king' again, and that maybe he was just fortunate to be on good teams in the past. Who would have guessed?

There have been calls to replace ISSAA, as his performance hasn't been great as of late - but he is playing on 80 ping during the online era, which... well, we've played on 40 ping, and that's hard enough. But that's mostly just because we aren't very good.

OG are apparently "looking at benched players and those that were a part of organizations that closed their CS:GO division recently", which is very subtle guys. Nobody will be able to deduce who the 'orgs who closed their CS:GO division recently' could be.

It's clearly FaZe.


tl;dr, but it's piped into your ears

Illustration by NovaH

We're going to go out on a limb and suggest you can all read. Mainly because if you can't, you won't really be offended by this statement.

But that doesn't mean you WANT to read. Hell, if you wanted to read, you probably wouldn't read a newsletter called tl;dr, really.

That's why we have our (relatively) new podcast, masterminded by new recruit Logan Ramhap with aizyesque for some reason allowed to dribble vaguely coherent nonsense onto it.

If you like CS:GO but hate podcasts that go for long, our half-hour podcast might just be the perfect size for a commute. Even if you're working from home, we're sure you can find 30 minutes where you're 'working' to have a listen. We found it to record.

We're on YouTube, and anywhere else  you might want to find a podcast. Unless you want to find it somewhere where you can't find podcasts. That might be tough.


Breaking News: CS is nerve-wracking

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  • Jamppi is going to Liquid! Oh but it's for VALORANT... Well, at least he's out of elo hell.
  • If you've ever wondered what CS would feel like if every gun was OP, then say no more, u/ruwuwu is your man.
  • Apparently losing to Spirit isn't a big deal anymore. This fact is disputed.
  • New Tuscan, hell yeah!
  • If you thought NaVi Junior were young before, beware to be scared. New recruit Dem0N was born in 2007. BORN. 2007.

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