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March 8, 2021

There's a whole lot of CS to come this week with Pro League - and a decent amount that already happened.

DreamHack find their first five

Source: Dreamhack / Jennika Ojala


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It's like the World Cup but for CS

You guys doing anything for the next twenty days?

If not, we have a suggestion. It involves three games of Counter-Strike a day, starting from midday and finishing some time in the evening. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, no need to pinch yourself, your dreams are coming to life. No, not that one involving your old maths teacher. We don't want to know about that. The one about the three games of CS a day thing.

It's starting today, so if you're reading this in the morning, there's still time to stock up on snacks before your day of hedonism. If it's the afternoon, maybe it's a day to get a takeaway. Go on, treat yourself.

The first five days are all for Group A, with BIG, Heroic, Complexity, OG, FPX and Renegades. Notice how there's like, no bad teams? It's great, is it not? Heroic will be playing with their new roster, while niko will probably be standing in for OG, given he is for the DH qualifiers. Just in time to play the team that just cut him. Spicy.

You'll also be able to see suNny's rebirth as a phoenix on FPX, and then after five days of wall-to-wall Counter-Strike WE DO IT ALL AGAIN WITH A NEW GROUP.

Life is nothing but joy. What a world we live in.


Evil Geniuses save NA

Illustration by NovaH. Source: Starladder / Igor Bezborodov

EG with Ethan looked pretty bad in recent events, but if they had oBo, they would win(d).

Terrible music puns aside, it's time to get excited if you're an NA fan. No, that's not sarcasm like it has been for a while. oBo is actually back, and it's on one of the best teams in the region. Losing Ethan was a blow, but oBo staying in CS and actually playing on a good team again? That almost makes up for it.

EG have tracked down the last remaining NA CS player not on a team, and they didn't even have to stoop down to picking up ptr or... jesus, there's really nobody left in NA. Bad News Bears are literally the second best American team on HLTV. This is a crisis.

Some of you are probably wondering why EG picked up oBo after the homesickness debacle - but there's a few solutions. Potentially, the team won't spend an entire season away from home; potentially, the youngster is in a better place mentally.

Perhaps he's realised that it's EG or go to VALORANT, and he really hates being RPG'd. Who knows.

Whatever the reasons for oBo's return, we're glad to see a talented American player back in a top team. The saviour of NA is back. Maybe.


That made us HELLraise an eyebrow

  • You might wonder why we're linking a video by a teenage girl about her heartbreak at the school disco. But it turns out that "BROKEN Promises" is actually Thorin talking about FLASHPOINT and their inability to make a good tournament. If only you could have changed it somehow...
  • Lekr0 has replaced H4RRE on Dignitas, joining back up with f0rest. What's that saying, if you do what you did, you get what you got?
  • Man ENCE really can't catch a break, can they? Remember when we all thought xseveN was the logical one to exclude from the team first? On the menu tonight: our words.
  • Turns out being a caster before becoming a coach can help sometimes, especially if it causes you to find literally the best player of the world.
  • You know when you make a joke, and it sounded really good in your head, but in reality the execution is way too complicated, and no one gets it, and then you have to explain it and it just isn't funny anymore and you just want to cry-and-go-to-bed-and-never-speak-to-anyone-anymore? No? Well HELLRAISERS' social media guy does:

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