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June 25, 2021

It's the return of the woxic

Illustration by NovaH. Source: @woxic

Guess who's back, back again? woxic's back, tell a friend. woxic might not be a rap god, but his moves are definitely shady right now. He's announced his return to play, and that he's looking for an org, but without telling anyone about his new line-up. Bold move.

In a tweet about the topic he asks any potential orgs to slide in his DMs if they want to know what they're signing. This of course didn't stop anyone from leaking the roster. Or at least, saying they leaked it. Right now there's no telling who's right.

Which to be honest we understand. Keep your cards to yourself for extra suspense and a bigger hype. Any new organisation might really like that.

The line-up is rumoured to include some major Turkish players, but take it with a pinch of salt:

  • Calyx
  • imoRR
  • woxic
  • ?

Whether or not XANTARES will leave BIG is unsure, and MAJ3R has been quoted leading the stack. Whether he and imoRR will abandon Sangal right as they are gaining momentum is doubtful, but either way, woxic is a major asset in any new team - visa and internet issues set aside - and any org looking to build a team should be interested.


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daps and stan get together?

We have a story on Stockholm later on, but this one's a story of Stockholm Syndrome.

daps is back in CS - poggers - but as a coach - Sadge. However, the twist in the tale is that he's the coach of EG. He's coaching the guy who has followed him around stealing his job for half a decade.

It's like being friends with the guy/girl who's dating your ex. How can you do that job without some resentment?

Well, we suppose he is Canadian - he's probably too nice to say anything.

On the good side, though, the winner is NA CS. Finally we have stolen a player back from the Lego game, and NA CS gets an experienced, intelligent coach that they have needed for a long bloody time.

Let's just hope he gets to cut stanislaw, just once. The relief he would feel must be akin to losing your virginity.

Not that we would know anything about that.


Join the Gambit love-in

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • The Major in Stockholm (or not)
  • The incredibility of Gambit and the way they just don't ever seem to lose
  • What exactly are pandas?

It's like this newsletter, except you don't even have to read it. You can do it with your eyes closed, just like how FaZe play CSGO.


Why are teams signing academy teams?

It seems a lot of teams are picking up academy teams, even though there was some Valve ruling about them not being allowed in the same tournaments. Why could that be?

MIBR became the latest, though mouz joined in last week with a team including Hungarian talent torszi. A lot of teams had scrapped academy teams as a concept in the last few years, but teams are picking them up again.

One might argue MIBR were already an academy team.

We've heard that there is a rumour of some sort of academy league forming, which we looove as an idea. We've seen NiP putting their young players in their first team, but having some sort of academy league for players to show off, and the big teams to actually see how good their players are seems like a great way to foster talent.

If that's not the case, we might see some more rotational line-ups like the one we're seeing with NiP. But we would prefer the academy league idea.

If that's not the idea, Valve, it should be. In our opinion. xoxo


Major news for major people


Tell, don't show.

  • Three times the brabbling, however we find it hard to believe not being able to see the game will help his casting.
  • Alcohol has some interesting side effects.
  • The rest of this tweet was supposed to be "ALL THE WAY FROM IVY, OUT MIDDLE AND THROUGH OUR CONNECTOR LIKE A SPEED DEMON", but Tyler just hit enter too early.
  • Obligatory "Source 2 confirmed". Watch them do absolutely nothing.
  • Papa f0rest. Oh how they grow old...
  • snatchie how do you keep your head up with such a big brain?
  • So, one: props for the spray control, two: applause for doing it on a laptop, and three: get yourself a clipping software man, it's 2021...
  • It was acoR's birthday yesterday, but we don't really need any excuse to rewatch this epic knife-round clip.

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