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September 17, 2021

Bad News Bears are Good Actually, the lowdown on UK vs Turkey and why Bad News Bears are Bad Actually straight afterwards.

What's going on in NA?

So uh, EG aren't an NA team any more.

Well, at least for a few weeks. Go to a HLTV page during BLAST and you might see something a little unusual - an EU flag.

You might also notice that SPELLAN is standing in for Brehze, in what we assume is just a cruel practical joke being played on MICHU. Poor guy just cannot get on a team that isn't falling apart.

Unsurprisingly, SPELLAN bottom-fragged as they lost to Astralis. Two stand-ins - a coach and an IGL - doesn't exactly end well most of the time.

At least NA did win one tournament, though. Admittedly, it was an NA only tournament, but good to see Bad News Bears keep plugging on and getting some more confidence for the future, as they cut Party Astronauts' oxygen supply off in the Fragadelphia final.

That tournament qualified the best teams to a BLAST qualifier, where BnB were kicked out in the groups. So much for that confidence boost.

This was a notable tournament though, as Extra Salt lost to paiN for the first time - we've been championing paiN for a little while as one to watch, and this is a landmark win for 'em.

South America is the best part of North America.


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The fire has run out

UKCS is back!

Back into IEM Fall, at least, as fnatic took down Eternal Fire in the final game of their qualifiers, kicking the Turkish team out - a pretty disappointing result, given 12/16 qualified. Eesh.

Once again mezii stood out as the top rated player on fnatic, weirdly. The 'glue' player on Cloud9 has shown a surprising amount of ability as a carry player, and was enough to just about sneak fnatic through the backdoor in 9-12th. All results and standings on that link, by the way.

FaZe qualified without a hiccup, 2-0'ing OPAA (Gangnam Style), which, while not a massive surprise, is encouraging. No messing around. Endpoint helped fly the UK flag as they moved past SAW, while ENCE survived a scare to qualify first time around against Aura.

Sinners were the team who kicked fnatic down to the lower bracket, and Movistar dominated Eternal Fire. Not looking good for the Turkish superteam - though, that might be to be expected.

MAD Lions skipped through at the second attempt, inching past Anonymo, after they originally lost to Dignitas.

IEM Fall Europe line-up is looking CRAZY, with absolutely nobody being able to tell you who is going to win it. No Gambit, no NaVi due to it being a European event - this is gonna be wild.


Cast your pods! (Is that how this works?)

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • aizyesque being sad over South
  • NaVi's incredible dominance
  • A little bit of fun-poking at Man United's expense


A lil' break from those long stories

  • The ESL Pro Tour for the next year was announced, along with the essential dissolution of the DreamHack brand. Sadge. DH Opens are being replaced by ESL Challenger events, it seems.
  • PGL are teasing that the Major might well be in Sweden after all this.
  • flamie has finally left NaVi to pursue other options. Don't worry, we forgot he was still there too.

What's going on in Denmark?

Illustration by NovaH.

Oh, for f...

20-something days after their inception, South have withered off and died. That's 0.37 FNS', apparently.

MSL, aizy and co. seemingly decided to split after a slow start to life as South. Even after MSL said they were in it for the long-haul, in response to early criticism from Pimp.

Like... we WANT to like you, we want to support you. Please stop disbanding! 25 friggin' days. You barely even tried. aizyesque has had relationships last longer than that!

Well, he hasn't, but that's not the point.

It's more worrying on a grand scale for the whole country. Astralis are all over the shop; Heroic are in the middle of a scandal; and now North 3 is a shambles too. Danish CS is crumbling and nobody seems to realise.

Ah well. We've always got DreamHack Stockholm, at least DreamHack will neve-



@CSGO drops a hint...

  • Baby shark do do do do do do.
  • Want some photos from Fragadelphia? Of course you do.
  • A big congratulations and our best wishes to Frankie who begins a journey of motherhood soon, and will be missed on broadcasts until the new year!
  • BIG coach DuDe will be stepping down for a while due to personal reasons - LEGIJA is back.
  • AceZone have come up with something interesting when it comes to headset tech. We prefer SteelSeries, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
  • k0nfig is feeling better after his wrist injury. Bicep and fist emojis at the ready.
  • Y'all ever feel old?

*We're a little bit biased.


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