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October 1, 2021

We've covered everything we can think of for IEM Fall, including why Denmark > UK and why Endpoint have got the rules changed - and there's a little mention of NA, too.

The best country in NA... is Brazil

They always say 'come to Brazil'.

But what the hell are you supposed to do when Brazil comes to you?

GODSENT swept through DreamHack Open NA and booked a spot at the next series of Pro League last weekend, culminating in a ridiculously long series. We wanted to tell you on Monday morning, but it didn't finish until 6:30am European time - a fact we only know because aizyesque wouldn't stop complaining about it.

It was good to see oSee and junior keeping the flame alive for NA, with malbsMd who is also technically North American, but they were powerless to stop a rampaging felps, joined by dumau, latto and b4rtiN in the grand final, who all had excellent maps to beat Extra Salt.

dumau, by the way, was born in 2004, and dropped an absolutely ridiculous map five as GODSENT choked, and Heimlich'd themselves to a W.

Joining them at Pro League will be Sharks, who pulled off a huge shock win to take down 9z despite coming in with a map disadvantage. We don't imagine you know much of them, but keep your eye on Lucaozy - he's a lockdown CT player who loves a multi-kill, with a crazy aggressive T side of him running in first and scrapping.

Think RUSH when he was good, or YEKINDAR. Lots of fun to watch.


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mirbit stands in for Endpoint

The German talent had to fly in last minute to still make it on time, but hey, better late than never.

As BOROS was ruled out of the team due to visa issues, for a while it looked like the UK team would have to use their new coach, Allan. What a name. But thankfully ESL changed the rules, meaning all the teams were allowed a substitute as well as a coach.

Because yes, even ESL makes mistakes.

Which is comforting. If even the big boys screw up sometimes, we're less worried about that one red sock we accidentally put in with the white laundry once. The upside being we own a lot of pink shirts now. What were we on about again? Oh yeah, ESL screwing up.

ESL realized at some point that their rule regarding substitutes was not legal. Before the change, your coach counted as a substitute. So you either had a coach or a sub. But Valve likes it differently, and because IEM Fall is an RMR event, ESL had to comply. So now teams are allowed both a coach and a substitute.

And it's not their only mistake. It seems like there's some confusion surrounding point distribution for this RMR event as well. How is it supposed to work? Nobody seems to know. Surely the always helpful and communicating Valve will help us out here, right?

It's not like it helped Endpoint though, as they still lost their opening game to Astralis 16-7.


Aleksib's nade game

Illustration by NovaH. Source: OG.

Do you remember, like, a week ago when we talked about how much certain pros (alright, mostly MSL) were complaining about the 'nade drop thing?

Begrudgingly, we might have to say he might have had a point. Aleksib was getting dropped a couple of HEs every round and he was making them stick - as he put up nearly 1000 utility damage in one half.

If you want to see exactly how he was racking up that damage, check out coach lau's excellent video on it. If you just want to look at some pretty numbers, OG averaged 119 util. damage per round in that one half, with Aleksib at around 65.

42.2 was his average for the whole map, which is much higher than most TEAMS get in a tournament. It dropped off after a 50 round game against ENCE, funnily enough.

A lot of respect has to go to Aleksi for his excellent abus- usage, usage of the new 'nade dropping mechanic, but also it should be noted that it wouldn't have been possible without that new change.

And guess who was ready to point that out?


SteelSeries Prime Giveaway

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24 games in one email? Alright then

Alright, take a large gulp of coffee. There's a lot to go through - if we don't mention your favourite team enough, we're sorry, and you can check the results for EU and CIS here.

There were differing fortunes for the Swedish teams, as fnatic got clapped by FaZe and then were powerless to resist afro of DBL Poney. NiP, on the other hand, clapped FaZe and crushed Fiend. Maybe going international works better with Danish players than English ones. Just a thought.

Complexity recovered from a horrible start against SINNERS to at least beat Endpoint, but the result against SINNERS doesn't look that bad when they ended up beating Heroic too. At least Astralis are keeping Denmark afloat, also beating Endpoint and then beating Movistar.

Vitality obliterated MAD Lions 16-2, but Sprout took them all the way to a nail-biting 30th round. ZywOo picked up a 1v3 with the ace (clip in two parts) in what turned out to be a very important round. He's pretty good.

G2 are 2-0, in what shouldn't be a surprising result, really, but after the last month or so, it is. They did only beat AURA and BIG, the former in a 16-1, but a 2-0 is a 2-0. BIG are now 0-2, but G2 and mousesports are pretty tough games. It happens.

Copenhagen Flames beat FPX by four, and then beat AURA by two, which is probably a damning stat for FPX. Makes perfect sense that they went on to beat mousesports in game two.

CIS was kinda wild, both in results and... gameplay. Let's go with gameplay. From this absolute nonsense round from Spirit to electronic knifing two in a round in response to Krad doing the same, it's been crazy.

However, despite that, Team Spirit are now officially qualified for the Major, despite losing to Entropiq. Day one wins over Akuma and Nemiga were enough to guarantee their spot, according to Milan Švejda of HLTV.

forZe have been the big story, having lost to both Unique and INDE IRAE on day one, and then choking a massive lead against Gambit to lose in over time. xsepower still available?

Gambit have won every game except against VP, and VP have won every game except against... INDE IRAE. shrug

INDE IRAE are 3-1, and have really been the surprise package. You might know DavCost, but the others we really doubt. X5G7V has been their best player at the event, and also is the name of Grimes and Elon Musk's kid. Probably.

At least NaVi have won every game.


EZ 4 n0thing?

  • Or n0thing's 2 EZ? Either way, we expect a banger song.
  • haha s1mple go vrooooooom
  • If Allan had to play for Endpoint, would he have been the nade bank? We will never know.
  • Talk about awkward... "Hey Jonji, how's it been?"
  • Plenty to be learned from these guys. We have it on good authority they're pretty good at this game called "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive".
  • We're going to be honest here, we have no idea who this guy is. Not a trace of knowledge.

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