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November 19, 2021

NiP are making a move that's a bit too sensible, G2 might pick up the hottest property on the market, a fan has carried Slovakia and someone dropped 145 in a BO3.

Let's be sensible

Some roster moves are crazy.

Some roster moves are doomed to fail, and some are destined for greatness.

Some of them are just plain 'sensible'. Very adult-y. Guess which category NiP signing es3tag falls in?

NiP needed a role player to take LNZ' place; someone with experience at this level, decent mechanics and intelligent gameplay, and es3tag is exactly that. It makes absolutely perfect sense for NiP to sign him.

And it really seems like we're gearing up for the 'aha' moment. The catch. But, there really isn't one, and it's making us suspicious. The move just makes too much sense to work.

It's too obvious. Too good a move. Something is off about it, like we're going to find out later on that in order to do it, NiP had to gift Complexity a big statue of a ninja as compensation.

It's not a flashy move, but an entirely necessary one. es3tag won't set the world alight, but he'll hold the fort down while NiP's stars try to indeed engulf the aforementioned planet in flames.

Alright, for some balance, es3tag's previous teams have never really been great, and he seems to be an expensive piece that doesn't quite work. Cloud9 were horrible, Astralis were a mess, Complexity didn't really improve and Heroic were never great with him there.

His reputation is one of a sensible role player who allows his teammates to flourish, and yet his teammates... never seem to flourish. NiP - and device - have clearly seen something they like, but this move isn't all great.

At least they're no longer pairing the most expensive player in the world with an academy player, mind.


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Who gets the biggest talent in CS:GO?

Illustration by Crash_ Source: NAVI

There are few things in CS:GO that gets us as excited as m0NESY. Bar ZywOo, we don't think we've ever seen anyone be that good at 16 years of age.

The madlad is dropping 2.57 ratings on LAN, and is on his way to finish 2021 with 1.36 rating and 1.42 impact.

The only thing holding m0NESY back from a shot at glory in NAVI, is that he's trying to break into the best team in the world, by replacing the best player to possibly ever touch the game. Tough luck kiddo.

You can't hold back greatness however, and m0NESY himself have said that he's ready for a shot at Tier 1 CS:GO, which we tend to agree with. At some point it stops being fun to shit on Young Ninjas again and again.

According to a recent report from Dexerto, NAVI have realized they won't be able to lock m0NESY in a golden cage until s1mple retire, so they're entertaining offers for the young talent.

A top 3 talent available, during a shuffle period?

Cue piranha noises.

The real question from all of us here at TLDR is this: Will Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2, let another generational talent be snapped up by a competitor?

They lost out on ZywOo to French rivals Vitality, but with m0NESY they get a shot at redemption. Baseless speculation you say?

Well, not quite. According to neL's most recent report, G2 are looking to swap out one player over the off-season, along with a change of their coach. So all we're saying is it could be for m0NESY.

In that case, excuse our nerdboner, but huNter, NiKo and m0NESY in the same team is HOT.


What's next for NXT?

Here's a thought: what if you took off the NXT on MOUZ NXT?

Don't get us wrong, the frozen-bymas-ropz core is one of the best rifling trios out there, but with the latter's contract running out, the roster's entire future is being doubted.

Of course, you could always rebuild from what's left after ropz leaves - and that's probably what will happen - but you'd be lying if the thought hadn't even once crossed your mind of doing what Gambit did: Drop the main team, and field the talents.

So here are a few arguments on why NXT should be the next MOUZ.

Reason number one: Team chemistry.

This roster has been together for about five months now, having been assembled specifically to make an effective talent-roster.

Both in- and outside the game we keep being surprised by how well these guys seem to get along. The fact that there's been no roster moves so far speaks volumes for how well these guys seem to get along.

This is also the reason we'd hate to see only one or two players moved up to the main roster, as we imagine the rest of the pack feeling lost.

Reason number two: Maturity.

For a roster that's supposed to be composed of up and coming youngsters, they sure do seem like they've been playing top tier CS for ten years. Just look at siuhy for example.

He was given what's considered by some as the hardest task in CS:GO - leading the roster.

And yet he's been leading the team from victory to victory. He's embraced the role fully, and has said he's willing to keep doing it in the coming years.

Just recently, when the roster grabbed their second Academy league win in a row, he was quick to play down expectations.

Explaining the goal of the team, he said they never aimed to reach any specific ranking. All they were here to do was work on themselves.

It's not the kind of humility you'd expect from a 19 year old.

Reason number three: Talent.

We'll be honest. You can be as humble and hardworking as you want, but without a little skill (and a tiny amount of luck), you're still nowhere.

This roster is just filled to the brim with talent and skill, across the board. A good AWPer in torszi and star riflers in JDC and xertioN, this roster has the pieces to become great.


All of this seems to have given us a roster that's stable, talented, and full of potential for growth. All in all, a surefire way to get your investment back, and then some. You'd be crazy not to use this as your main roster, unless you had even bigger talents on there. Ah.


NAVI should sell s1mple

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • Why NAVI should SELL s1mple???
  • Why Team Liquid are betraying NA
  • The dumbest rumour we could come up with

shox horror

Illustration by NovaH. Source: Vitality


Listen carefully.

Do you hear that? If you listen really, really carefully, you'll hear the whole of NA sigh in unison at the idea if importing another washed up European instead of trying to call up an American player.

According to neL, shox is on his way to Team Liquid - but we're not sure if he'll be taking the IGL role that was rumoured to be nitr0's upon his prodigal return. Paradoxically, picking up shox is the only way this move can make sense, and yet it makes no sense whatsoever.

If you're not picking up to lead the team, why are you importing him as a player; but if you are, he's not the right leader. If the lesson you learnt from signing FalleN was 'we need a different version of the same scam', then we're not really sure what to tell you.

Maybe picking up shox as the veteran to surround him with young talent is the move, but we're a little bit skeptical. It seems more that it's an excuse to avoid the region which you have neglected, and to not have to chisel your own diamonds.

shox is still a solid enough player, but he's not the difference between Liquid and the best teams in the world. You might as well take a chance instead of sticking on 16 and hoping the dealer busts.

It's just so... uninventive. It's such a boring, safe, non-envelope pushing move.

Take a chance. Pick a card. Open a mystery box. Take a leap of faith. Bet it all on black. Drink too much. Have a party. Sleep with someone you don't know.

Erm, what were we talking about again?


A fraud AWPer and an AWPing fraud

  • We never knew GeT_RiGhT as an AWPer, his class must be a fraud.
  • And then there's KennyS, who might quite literally be a fraud.
  • That's a pretty s1mple list you got there.
  • Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought "today I'll play 125 rounds of CS, and still get a 1.75 rating"? Well, clearly Maki has.
  • Here's a tip: if s1mple gives you a tip, listen. So many tips, it's like we're at a restaurant. With s1mple as a guest. And m0nesy waiting tables. I feel like I'm describing a dream I had.
  • If s1mple doesn't want it, we'll gladly take it as TL;DR headquarters, Carlos.
  • Well, they do say sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself, but this is taking that a bit far...
  • Well you can tell by the way I peek, I'm a deagle main, my headshots are sleek.

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