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November 26, 2021

Liquid are imploding slowly in front of our eyes, but at least they've finally convinced nitr0 to switch back. Yay?

A storm is brewin' at Team Liquid

The sea is a harsh mistress.

Admittedly, it's hard to sympathise when your players are going out and telling everyone that you've fallen out and are going to make changes; but Team Liquid are in a storm.

Stewie really went out and said "The thing about Mike (Grim) is that he's a great kid. I think his work ethic can be a lot better, he can work a lot harder for where he is as a player and where he stands right now...." as well as saying they're not practicing as a team for this event.

Which... apparently didn't strike him as particularly ironic.

He suggested that FalleN wanted to implement his own system (which like, of course he did? And he should want to?) but Stewie didn't like that and instead attempted to compromise. Which doesn't sound like a great idea, to us, at least.

Unsurprisingly, those two are meant to be leaving (though it appears Stewie might be too - we doubt he'll end up at the same place) and are being replaced by Shox (which you knew) and VINI (which you now know).

Oh, and nitr0 appears to be coming back. For some reason. With NAF leaving. That's for sure not a downgrade, don't worry about it.

Shox, VINI, ELiGE, nitr0 and one more - with some quiet rumblings around oSee being the AWPer for this team. It's not a bad team, but it's hardly massively exciting, either. oSee is interesting, but we know what VINI and shox do and it's not exactly game-changing.

At least EG might get some more talent so we don't have to see them sign SPELLAN again.


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Free CS:GO cheats! Ish.


It might seem like Liquid are trolling with their new roster but even they can’t come close to the King troll ScriptKid. In his latest video, he makes a “free CSGO cheat” but with a few added.. side effects, like:

  • Making it impossible to get through the mirage window crawlspace
  • Forcing cheaters to jump into any nearby molotov

Trust us, the results are hilarious. Nearly as hilarious as our newsletter. So go on - click the link. But you better come back here afterwards.


Talk to me

We don't expect you to read all of these - read as many or as few as you like. There's some banger interviews that HLTV have been putting out, and we think you might be interested.

  • Based floppy wrecks VALORANT fans with FACTS and LOGIC. Or at least, he's much happier playing Counter-Strike, and having switched to VAL before, now realises it's what he always wanted. Some break-ups are temporary - we love you too, floppy.
  • gla1ve gave ave (say that three times fast) a glowing review, by suggesting that "nobody is like zonic" and claims k0nfig is "he is definitely a more mature player now". Tough love, huh.
  • flamie gave an open interview, including the phrase: "...frankly, the team started winning right after I was replaced. I can think all I want, everyone has their own idea of truth." Very up front, and very raw; unsurprisingly he thinks he can still make it.
  • blameF and k0nfig have a bit of a bromance, and blame also opens up about what it's like not calling on his new team. Though, perhaps he could have been a bit less honest when it comes to Lucky: "I think Lucky is a great guy, I'm very impressed with how calm he is, I don't think he's a guy that gets stressed out or anything like that"
  • TeSeS reckons cadiaN can outcall anyone when he has momentum; which is, nice? But that's not the difficult bit...

floppy is VALORANT's first defector

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • The return of NA's favourite wideswinging prodigal son
  • Why MOUZ should do the Gambit Youngsters move
  • Are C9 remaking the Boston Major team?

k0nfig puts NIP to the sword at BLAST

Illustration by NovaH.

...but he couldn't stop Vitality.

Don't fret, k0nfig fans, because the judge, jury and executioner is back, dealing vigilante justice to anyone who deserves it, and a bunch of people who don't.

If breaking your wrist makes you come back and drop a 60-36 scoreline against NiP and 81 kills against Vitality, then we might need to start forearm smashing some solid objects, like blameF's arms.

What did they install in there?

At the time of writing, he's the fourth highest rated player at the event, despite Astralis losing their series to Vitality. Admittedly he has been stealing Lucky's AWP and telling him that Astralis are better with he and gla1ve AWPing.

Which like... yeah, but you're not supposed to say that. We think Lucky might be off.

Unsurprisingly, ZywOo was the only positive player on Vitality, dropping a +31 scoreline. Which would be incredible for anyone else, but it's another day at the office for ZywOo.

Well, anyone else but s1mple, who coincidentally also went +31 against Heroic. The scriptwriters are getting lazy, it seems. NaVi lost their huge map winning streak as Heroic took Mirage in dramatic fashion, but their triple threat was enough to stop the Danes.

s1mple was pretty quiet in their opening game, though, as it was B1T who smashed BIG to pieces. Twistzz attempted to 1v9 against Heroic, but couldn't deal with their tight teamplay, while ZywOo picked up a 100 ADR series against Team Liquid.


I know we promised no more HUNDEN...

  • But then he did this. And this. We don't know either.
  • Remember when the only English word Zywoo knew was "No"? Well he does interviews now! Talk about long game.
  • Speaking of long game, here comes Nikola Kovac! with the same long game he always has - cutting the IGL for one event because of visa issues.
  • Rush B went deep into es3tag's career. Then he went 25-46 against Astralis. Classic.
  • s1mple sounds... different. sh1ro looks... even more different.
  • best part of roster season? people denying roster moves. liar number one - hunter. liar number two - coldzera.
  • second best part? we get all the spicy drama from the dead teams. mostly the NA ones.

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