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December 10, 2021

m0NESY and flusha are both looking for new teams, though we imagine one might find a team before the other.

flusha some m0NESY down the drain

flusha aka señor vac going down the drain

Illustration by Crash_ Source: ELEAGUE

They say you should have new resolutions for the new year, and flusha and m0NESY certainly seem to be taking that to heart.

What the new year will bring for them will be very different though.

One of them an old relic, an artifact of a time long gone. The other a glimpse at the future, a looking glass in to what's to come. But what about the present?

Well, as it stands presently - flusha has left a project we can confidently call a complete flop - at least for him. GORILLAZ was supposed to be a NoChance type attempt at getting orgless players back in business.

Players came and went, but an org never showed its face. And so, flusha finds himself in a bit of a pickle. What to do next?

Robin, if you're reading, here's our advice: it's been nice, but maybe now's the right time to hang up your mouse.

The contrast with m0NESY couldn't be any bigger.

The 16 year old has just come off of one of the more successful academy projects in CS:GO, and it seems like the sky's the limit - especially now that he's officially been transfer listed by NAVI Junior.

He's already been connected to multiple possible transfers, with G2 looking most likely to pick him up so far. Either way, no matter the team he joins - everyone that hasn't been living under a rock for the past year knows this guy's part of the next generation.

So really, with these two events being so close together, what we've witnessed is an almost literal "passing of the torch" between two generations of players. How poetic.


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The last event of the year

Counter-Strike is good. Maybe even great. It's probably the greatest game of all time.

But do you know what's even better? Post Major roster swap season. Insert fire emojis here.

Unfortunately, we have to suffer through a bit more Counter-Strike before we can get there, because BLAST have the gall to give us MORE tier one Counter-Strike between the best teams in the world. What a terrible, terrible fate bestowed upon us.

Next week, seven teams compete for their chance to lose to NaVi in the final, with a potential $250,000 payout for the runner-up. $500k will go straight into NaVi's pockets when they win, unless one of Gambit, Astralis, G2, Vitality, Liquid or Heroic stop them.

Also, NiP are there. Aren't they adorable?

The one thing that might put a spanner in NaVi's considerable works is that there's no crowd, which means Gambit might actually be good again. Though they've been a little underwhelming of late, they're still a dangerous team. I mean, obviously. They were the best team in the world less than a year ago.

While this story has been laden with a thick layer of irony (as is our modus operandi at this point), it is a little annoying to watch three teams who will have a different line-up next week, and we sort of already know that.

We don't want to watch dead teams; but somehow the dying embers of G2 is still the second best team in the world. And we do like to watch good teams.


Meet your peacemaker

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • Why NiP are the Tottenham of CSGO
  • Why peacemaker isn't as bad as you think
  • Why peacemaker isn't as good as orgs think

ESL goes web 3.0

Illustration by NovaH. Source: ESL

If you have been living under a rock lately, you probably don't know what Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) are, so here's a crash course: An NFT is a string of code to prove ownership over a digital or physical thing. Savvy?

Think about it like this: When you buy a car, you are registered as its owner, which means you can sell it when you don't want it any longer. The NFT is the virtual version of that.

And everyone's jumping on the hype, including ESL, who have made virtual skins for 8 of their ESL Pro League teams.

You can't use them in CS:GO though, and... you can't really use them for anything yet.

So here's TL;DR's ideas to make cool NFTs:

🎟 Connect it with tickets. If your NFT pricing is $220 and $660 at sale, you have plenty of overhead to make it a collectors item, that will give people access to IEM Cologne or Katowice

🎁 Create a digital unboxing experience. You've successfully bought a JPEG. Now what? Why not utilize the fan-route of creating a digital unboxing experience, unique for each owner?

🖊 Utilize the teams. The easiest way to create actual value, would be to utilize the teams. Signed gear, merch, digital greetings, meet and greets (coupled with tickets, anyone?!)

🤑 The VIP experience. Backstage passes for their big events, with special access and the whole suite. Price it accordingly or make it a special raffle. Either way, create value.

Need anymore help? Just call us.


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