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January 3, 2022

Now that we’ve popped the champagne, it’s about time we checked who went where. We’ve got a roundup of the bigger (and smaller) roster moves that went down ever since we last dropped in your inbox.

valde’s knight in slightly rusted armour

Illustration by Crash_ Source: OG

Oh finally, somebody has saved valde from No- er, OG!

What great team has saved him? Has he finally got his big Astralis move? Have FaZe come steaming in? Have G2 changed course?

No, it might just be EG according to 1pv. No bird or plane here, but certainly no superman either.

EG is a bitterly disappointing move for valde fans, but it’s lowkey quite an exciting team. If Brehze turns back into BrEZ instead of whatever the hell he’s been for the last few months, this team is fun again.

valde, autimatic, Brehze with CeRq and Stewie backing them up?

We’re tentatively excited. Assuming those moves also end up going through, of course.

valde brings some small-site speciality in a region where intelligent role players are suspiciously absent, hopefully allowing the others to shine. Though maybe it would make more sense for them to build around him, than Stewie. NA gonna do what NA gonna do.

Quite what this means for OG, we’re not at all sure. But this is the NA shuffle section, so you’re not here to hear about them. Let’s talk more about NA.

Minor NA shuffle news

  • Complexity are likely re-entering NA with an Extra Salt-themed quintet that looks like something of an NACS superfans’ wet dream. floppy, junior, Grim on one team joined by JT and FaNg? Sign us up.
  • oSee and shox were confirmed by Liquid as Liquid attempt to rebuild. We’ve spoken before about this team, and oSee certainly makes it more intriguing, but it’s not super dangerous just yet.
  • Extra Salt are picking up daps and allowing him to re-design their roster. RUSH, Infinite, Minus and Swisher will make up their new team.

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ropz needs a hero...

Illustration by Crash_ Source: mouz

Finally, ropz is out of MOUZ’ grasp and moving to, drum roll please...

We don’t know yet!

Frustrating, right? Not only for all the neutral fans, but for the MOUZ fans as well. Everybody needs some closure.

The top tier lurker has been connected to G2 and most prominently FaZe, but a move has yet to come to fruition.

He is definitely out of mousesports though, meaning we can only assume he is still negotiating with his future organization. It has to be FaZe, right?

Meanwhile, MOUZ can not only say bye to ropz, but also to mithR. He’s gone to Apeks Rebels, where he feels his talents will be better put to use. This leads us to only one conclusion: MOUZ has a leadership issue.

And we’re inclined to say that it’s more to do with ingame decision making, than it has to do with anything outside the server, and adding NBK won’t fix that...

If reports hold up, the new mousesports roster will consist of: frozen, dexter, NBK, torzsi and JDC.

Minor EU shuffle news

  • BIG have signed faveN in what they dubbed the biggest transfer in German CS. Nice way to pat yourselves on the back, BIG...
  • Copenhagen Flames will hold on to their roster for 2022, as they were unable to sell it following their good results at the Major. There was interest from Complexity, but that deal fell through.
  • XTQZZZ has officially left Vitality. The former player turned caster turned coach from the French scene has been connected to G2, but no official move has been made. Him leaving Vitality seemed inevitable after their rumoured international overhaul.
  • Astralis have benched two players and coach zonic. I know, we’re shocked too!

coldzera’s new carrot-danglers emerge

coldzera is apparently fronting the new 00Nation roster with - wait for it - malbsMd and try.

Now that might not mean too much to you if you’re a more casual fan, but try in particular has been really hyped for a while and had an impressive performance over in Europe when 9z came over.

malbsMd is a favourite of the newsletter, on the other hand; he’s a raw, talented entry-fragger with an abundance of skill and fearlessness. Remember that Deagle 4k?

We’re sure coldzera can find a way to bait him - hell, cold could find a way to let the most chivalrous door-holding man go in first, never mind a crazy man like malbs.

Nobody knows for sure quite who’s staying from 00Nation and who is going; but kNgV’s mother-in-law (yes, really) seemingly leaked that he’s out. vsm and leo? That would be a pretty fun team to watch, at least.

We’re going to miss kNgV and his unique brand of over-aggression, both in and out of the server as it were, but we’re sure he’ll find a new spot at some point.

Brazil is going to be a whole lot of fun this year.

Minor SA shuffle news

  • FURIA are still yet to announce saffee, but it seems like that still is the plan for that team, especially as paiN have found a replacement. A very, very solid move, but one that is almost too sensible to work. Like es3tag to NiP, or Eddie Howe to Newcastle.
  • We’re still missing key info on the Last Dance project with FalleN, but Tomek Jóźwik’s useful image lets us all know what’s happening. Hopefully.
  • Sharks are holding on to their key players amid transfer rumours according to their CEO.

Major viewership for the Major

📰  Worth reading

  • Apparently, the Major is pretty big. With peak viewership of 2.7 million, it attracted more viewers than the runner up, Blast Premier Fall finals.
  • stavn missed Blast World Finals due to his brother’s suicide. After reading his statement, we just want to give him a big hug ❤️

📽  Worth watching

  • Spent a year under a rock, but still want to see all the highlights? Virre has you covered in his 2021 Rewind Frag Film.
  • If you want to know more about the French and their drama, then make sure to watch neL’s documentary series on VeryGames. Don’t worry, it has subtitles.
  • Have you heard of super boosts? Us neither, but this technique on Nuke is pretty sick.

🤪  For the lulz

  • The Danish CSGO scene is known for their talented players. And now they can add wealthy armsdealers to that list too.
  • We don’t care if it’s in Minecraft or just the regular thing, this coldzera highlight is still as amazing.

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