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May 16, 2022

We’ve gone Major crazy - and apparently, so have PGL’s ruling team. We get excited over Team Spirit all over again, and all the games we get to watch today.

Too young to smoke properly

Illustration by NovaH.

m0NESY was using a one-way smoke in window on Mirage, which we’ve all been killed by and raged at in matchmaking, even though we didn’t smoke window so we know it was a CT smoke.

One difference, though. m0NESY’s somehow cancelled out an Imperial window smoke and allowed him to fight unopposed down middle. Which, as you might have guessed, upset the Brazilian fans.

And... rightfully so. It’s a huge exploit that can completely change a round or an entire game, especially as it’s near impossible to figure out it’s happening. But don’t worry, they had permission to use it from PGL.

Originally he said he had permission, and PGL even went as far as to confirm that as true. Fortunately, the teams themselves have decided not to use it for the good of the game, including G2.

Now that their secrets are known, they don’t want people using it against them - so only Imperial get shafted.

Very gracious, G2.

Fortunately, there’s no chance anyone will be able to use it; because it’s been fixed by the time the next round of games starts. Thanks, Valve. Sincerely, for once, too.


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Liquid blackout in Antwerp

It feels like we say this more than once a week at this point, but RIP NACS, 2019-2021.

NA’s last team after the challenger stage was Team Liquid - as long as you don’t fall for their propaganda about FaZe Clan or FURIA - and they represented NA perfectly.

By going 0-3.

They also picked up two of the bottom five spots in the player ratings, too - with shox and ELiGE making up some of the lowest-rated players. Yeah, ELiGE. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

In fairness, they lost to Heroic, FURIA, and then Vitality, which on the surface, isn’t too bad. Heroic are genuinely good, and FURIA are a scary team to play against. Vitality have ZywOo and that, but also... they were 0-2.

nitr0 went 15-41. ELiGE went 6-20 on Mirage; it was basically NAF vs the world. NAF huffed and puffed, but on his own, he couldn’t do much.

It was a tired, lethargic performance from a Team Liquid who looked dead on their feet.

The other 0-3 team was Bad News Eagles, but one can forgive them their downfalls. A brand new team, inexperienced, no salary, no expectations. The fact that they looked anything like Team Liquid at this event is much more worrying for the Americans.


Smoke, mirrors, and a whole lot of frags


The Return to CIS Domination

Illustration by NovaH. Source: PGL / Stefan Petrescu

If anyone says they would’ve guessed the top two teams in the Legends stage of the major, I’m convinced they picked using either a d20 or they can see the future because really, no one would’ve predicted this to be where we were at.

The top sixteen teams have been whittled down, with Team Liquid and BNE being eliminated while Spirit and NaVi advanced 3-0 with wins in the 2-0 round; Spirit beat the Copenhagen Flames, who incredibly were 2-0, and NaVi took down Ninjas in Pajamas.

Spirit advancing to 3-0 was one of the most surprising events in recent Major history. While they’ve looked good throughout the tournament, it was still a huge surprise to see them go through in such a dominating fashion.

degster was especially impressive in the games against the Flames, going positive in all three games including their 16-10 loss on Vertigo.

Navi's success was less surprising given they’re the defending champions, but a difficult set of draws required wins over G2, BIG, and Ninjas in Pajamas in order to secure the 3-0. G2 and BIG are both 1-2 after a series of close games, while NIP fell to 2-1 after their loss to NaVi and will play to advance against Furia next.

Navi was bolstered by B1t, whose breakout performance at the last major was probably one of the best rookie performances of all time at a major. Now, he is sitting atop the Legends stage in terms of his rating, a ridiculous 1.43 after five maps. S1mple and Perfecto, both with 1.22s, were also instrumental in ensuring that NaVi would make it to the top eight without too many struggles.

The two CIS rosters will be joined by another six in the coming days, but for now they can rest content that they don’t have to play any more games until Thursday at the earliest.


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Source: PGL

We’re sending a bunch of our most presentable people (and aizyesque) to Antwerp to see Cloud9 beat FaZe Clan in the final one last time, and we’d love to see you there too.

We’ve got a bar by the river, a free round on us (well... on our sponsor, the wonderful GamerPay), and some good vibes ready to go.

You with us, Antwerp?

Sign up here or else we might not know who you are, and we’ll have to assume you’re one of the unsophisticated proles who use HTV or Dxerto to keep up with the news.

What’s the catch?

Well, after a few drinks you’ll have to try and pronounce napz’ real name, and if you get it wrong, your Pick’Ems will be jinxed. We’re only joking.



Six more beauties on their way

The show must go on.

Six more games are being beamed to your eyeballs soon after you read this by the wonderful PGL. And these ones are special.

Copenhagen Flames vs FaZe for qualification on the A stream, with BIG vs Vitality for elimination on the B stream? What a wonderful day to have two eyeballs (and two monitors).

The Flames have always been super solid at Majors, and FaZe Clan are the favourites for the whole thing; that could be a very interesting game. Even if Flames did get beaten by Team Spirit in a BO3 yesterday.

You can wash down those tasty morsels with a healthy dose of G2 vs Outsiders and NIP vs FURIA. That could be G2 out of the Major in the group stage, and Outsiders is not an easy opponent to face.

If they’re going to go out, they’re going to do it sloooooowly. Get your grind on, lads.

For dessert, or a nightcap, depending on your preference, we’ve got ENCE vs Heroic to qualify or Cloud9 vs Imperial to go out. ENCE vs Heroic is a battle between two top-five teams - which is a really weird thing to write.

Just doesn’t sound right.

Sneakily, though, Cloud9 vs Imperial could be a banger. That’s a team who are famous for cracking under pressure at LAN vs a team who have been around the block and know all the tricks. If Cloud9 lose that, it could seriously break that team apart.

Just what Cloud9 need to happen to them. Again.


Questionable Tactics

🥵 Fresh and exciting

  • Is that a new A-exec ENCE, or are you just excited to see us?
  • Finally someone has cracked the code on improving CS. Our only addition would be to stream all games on Facebook.
  • Our very own novah is bringing back a little passion project of his. So for all three of you who enjoy UK CS, there you go.

🌴 Truly exotic

  • We’re not going to lie, that second picture of the new Tuscan had us doublechecking it wasn’t real life reference material.
  • Anyone looking to get an oceanic roster for cheap? LFO just got dropped by their org. Again.

🥱 Boring

  • Thank you CSPPA for the stating the obvious about the coaching bug. Next time we need an open door kicked in, we’ll know who to call.
  • Try not to fall asleep during this upcoming tournament that has Bo5 for all matches. Time to stock up on caffeine.

😅 Whoops

  • Seems like Cloud9 done goofed up in their veto with FaZe. Yikes.
  • Watch out there s1mple, looks like you dropped a truth bomb on Valve by accident. It’s okay, happens to the best.

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