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June 24, 2022

The Roobet Cup is totally not fishy and very cool, teenagers are worth a lot of money and Liquid have found a temporary shox upgrade.

Look the other way

Roobet cup 2022 - a little dodgy?

Source: Roobet

The Roobet Cup definitely isn’t dodgy.

Just don’t scratch whatsoever under the surface. Don’t worry, Astralis ended their partnership with Roobet for completely normal reasons that you’d… end a sponsorship a few days after starting it.

Just like how they signed JUGi as part of a seven man roster.

Roobet are completely not dodgy. Don’t worry about it.

Still, they’ve put on a big tournament with great teams, and the games have been fun to watch. Just look at this crazy retake from JDC and MOUZ. Top level game-

What, what?

Did JDC just kill all three of them and defuse in a split second? Did we miss the round? Is our internet bad?

The answer is: f*ck knows. ‘Cause Roobet sure ain’t mentioning it on Twitter.  They can barely be arsed to mention that there’s an event going on. There’s like, one clip a day, a couple of congrats post and that’s it.

No apologies, no explanations, just wash it away and hope people forget.

Although, actually, that does sound like their approach to a whole lot of their business.

If you care about the Counter-Strike, there has actually been some solid games. sh1ro dropped 43 in map one against Complexity, an excellent mir couldn’t stop BIG beating Entropiq, FaZe are back.

Even MOUZ won a series. Against Imperial - that’s probably the most embarrassing result of any Brazilian team at the event, and FURIA lost to 9z.

Like most things in life, to enjoy it to its fullest, you have to forget who runs it.

Man, that was a dark way to end it. Happy Friday!


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Smells like teen spirit

  • Spirit have added w0nderful, a 17 year old AWPer from Ukraine who has one of the greenest HLTV profiles you’ll see. Will he be better than degster? Probably not — but Spirit, now featuring four teenagers, will be fun regardless.
  • Heroic confirmed the addition of jabbi, a move first reported by TV2 (the guys in hunden’s pocket). Choosing a youngster over someone like valde is bold for a team with a choking reputation, but jabbi still seems like a upgrade over refrezh who has dropped off a bit this year.
  • Apeks have benched Acillion and chawzyy (the 17-year-old AWPer they put in support roles) in a move that will not solve their number one problem: never getting invited to anything. Good luck to the next two fuckers that join closed qualifier FC just to lose to 16 year old Russians every week.

How much can you afford to lose?

Illustration by NovaH

How much have you spent on skins?

Alright, you don’t have to answer that. We know it’s embarrassing. Just answer it internally, and don’t worry, it’s not going to be as much as one guy almost lost.

Unless you said “somewhere around $3m”, in which case, please consider sponsoring us.

We joke, of course, because that’s supposedly the most expensive inventory in the world - and a few days ago it was hacked, transferred and sold around.

Imagine losing $3m worth of skins because of a Steam hack. We break down in tears upon losing 25 ELO, never mind $25. $3m is an amount of money we can’t even fathom.

The weird thing about this is that eventually, Steam realised they’d screwed up. The hackee (the hacked? The victim) hadn’t had his Steam authentication messed with, and he was still able to access the account.

Somehow, somewhere, Steam had messed up.

The problem is, the items had already been sold; so when Steam restored the items, the buyers were out of pocket. Now, you might say “good, they bought stolen items”, and you wouldn’t be completely wrong to do so.

But some of them probably didn’t even know, they just wanted a cool skin. When you spend $30,000 on a skin and Steam take it away, you probably aren’t going to be that happy.

It seems there’s a happy(?) ending to this, though; the site on which they were bought refunded the buyers their cash - leaving marketCSGO out of pocket.

For Steam’s mistake. Unlucky, we guess.


The biggest fluke since Boston

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • Why FaZe’s Major was a fluke
  • TYLOO’s horrendous showing at EPL
  • The problem with ENCE…

YEKINDAR gives Liquid a chance

After sniffing around Snax and jks (original as ever, NA), Liquid have added Latvian superstar entry YEKINDAR as a stand-in for IEM Cologne.

Quite how they managed that one, w€ ju$t don't know.

But yes, on sporting merit, YEKINDAR is the best player not on a team right now. For our money, he's a top 5 player in the world full stop, and Liquid should be doing everything they can to secure him long term.

He'll release EliGE back to his old 2nd and 3rd in roles — which might stop this happening — and add the firepower Liquid have been sorely lacking this year.

And more importantly, he just clicks heads. He's Counter-Strikes’s own raumdeuter — the innovation of Thomas Müller with the entertainment value of Jay-Jay Okocha.

The problem is, we can make the same argument for signing him for most of the top 10. NAVI have ruled him out since they don't want to do business with VP. But, Cloud9 have lit the way for a morally murky but effective loophole of using an agency middleman, something other orgs will surely copy.

Don't get it twisted — it's Liquid who are on trial in Cologne, not YEKINDAR.  G2 and Vitality should be knocking his door down as we speak.

For Cologne though, YEKINDAR is all Liquids. And stand-ins are the trend right now: FaZe jks; ENCE Snax; NAVI sdy (though he's more of a trialist, really) have all had success.

Last time Liquid had a stand in in Cologne in 2016 they made the final. They may have had the GOAT (jdm) back then but they need to play their hearts out once again: they're playing for more than NA; they're playing to convince YEKINDAR to sign on the dotted line.


Three in a row

Clip it and ship it

  • Sprout’s lauNX pulled off the clip of the year so far in our books; with a threepiece spray transfer after a runboost. Tikkabooson!
  • We’ve always said CSGO was a fire game.
  • NaToSaphiX put out a video of the next ten superstars in CSGO. Take a look if you want to appear smarter than your idiot friends.
  • How… do you even make this?

Careers ending left and right

  • Wardell (remember him?) has been talking to Stewie about switching to VALORANT and calling everyone else braindead. Brave, but we doubt he expected this to be public.
  • Maybe he’ll be joined by Brehze and CeRq, who were described generously as ‘stars’ by
  • Flashpoint is dead. Yes, we thought so too.



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