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July 15, 2022

OG might be down to 0 original members, while Eternal Fire are now more the Eternal Dance than anything else. Oh and Astralis say Bitcoin are coming back up because they’re good again. No, really.

G2 Aleksib (or not)

Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

This G2 roster, as is tradition, has been completely underwhelming.

A Major-finalist roster was augmented with m0NESY and Aleksib, with ideas of actually winning a Major.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Aleksib’s calling didn’t seem to be a massive issue, but when you spend half a million on m0NESY and gave a huge contract to NiKo and huNter, what else can you do?

Even if everyone knows a team with NiKo on it will always be uniquely married to his hubris, you can’t admit that if you’re G2.

That’s why when BLIX suggested G2 might be replacing Aleksib and XTQZZZ, we weren’t that shocked. It’s just normal G2 behaviour.

They might be consistently underwhelming, but one thing we can’t blame them for is that they settle for mediocrity. They always strive for better, but fall spectacularly short.

We’re sure this roster will be the one that makes it happen. Copium.

If they do replace Aleksib, it’s hard to find an obvious replacement. There’s barely any good IGLs around, and the ones who are, ar- ah. NiKo’s going to IGL again, isn’t he?

For f…

We should say that Ocelote responded with a solid ‘no’ to that tweet, but he also lied constantly to the public with regards to one of the biggest transfers in League of Legends in the last few years.

So take it with a cartload of salt.


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mantuu gets the ‘nawwk’ treatment

Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

It’s over. None of the five OG players who were announced way back in December 2019 — Aleksib, NBK-, valde, ISSAA, and now mantuu — will be in their starting line-up for next season.

That is, according to the ever-reliable (shush device) 1PV and Dexerto who reckon mantuu will be replaced by degster.

And, it’s a bit harsh: OG themselves pointed out how mantuu is the only one of their players who got a Zeus kill in 2022.

How can you cut someone after that?

But, no, seriously. This is a massive upgrade for OG. Polish AWPer (if he was British he’d have been cut 18 months ago) mantuu has always been ‘fine’ without really threatening to break through his glass ceiling.

In degster, they get a certified superstar; a star AWPer who doesn’t die (0.56 DPR) but also loves a peek.

Although, we sorta hoped degster would end up somewhere a bit higher up the food chain than OG. But there’s not many places he could end up.

FaZe aren’t ready for an AWPer who isn’t a wuss. ENCE don’t have the budget. G2 preferred to raid a nursery. Liquid and MOUZ have pinned their hopes on torzsi and oSee. Everyone else speaks their native language.

So, yeah. OG get a 1.23 rated AWPer fall into their laps, and degster gets the best that would have him.

Except…. ‘the best’ is much worse than his old team. Fuck this Iron Curtain.


Get your transfers done early

  • Eternal Fire are starting to look like a Space Soldiers Last Dance, removing xfl0ud and Calyx for VALORANT quitters paz and MAJ3R, with hardstyle as Coach.
  • HAVU are undergoing some big changes, removing Sm1llee, ottond, and sLowi to build around Aerial and xseveN. Aleksib might be available, lads.
  • Edward and bondik, with shara as coach, have made a full Ukranian roster with 3 other blokes you’ve not heard of.
  • AMANEK is finally on his way out of G2, supposedly to join LDLC.

Playoffs preview and a recap of the groups

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • G2’s personnel trip-mine
  • A superstar AWPer in North America
  • The length of the season’s effect on Cologne playoffs

Kicking Cologne off

Welcome to the second Major of the year.

Sort of.

We might be a little merry - but the day of Cologne playoffs is upon us. A packed arena, five great teams, MOUZ, beer and an amazing weekend with your TLDR friends.

If you’re not in Cologne this weekend, don’t fear; you can drink beer from home and still enjoy the show. But you HAVE to get there some day.

Two huge best of threes are coming your way today, with two more the day after, and a best of five on Sunday. What more could you want?

And don’t say a BO3 final. Yes, we know.

Hometown heroes MOUZ, with their singular German player, kick off the party against Astralis. Which kinda sounds like it should be one-sided - but MOUZ have been surprisingly good at Cologne, and Astralis have been…

Well, surprisingly bad for the last six months. It’s not really surprising any more. It’s just weird to see this game being between the two underachievers of the last year.

The other semi is a spicy one. The most loveable fanbase in the world vs the most obnoxious. The Fighting Dragonites against The YEK-and-Yanks. The Riders vs the… fluid. Or something.

Movistar Riders take on Team Liquid with every single person east of the Atlantic supporting the Riders. Both teams have been remarkably strong at Cologne, and should make for some fireworks.

NaVi and FaZe await them, with a potential rematch of the Major final coming up.

What a weekend this promises to be.


Unlock your creative potential

🎨 Get to work, Da Vinci

  • When even CS:GO shares your sticker making guide, you know it’s good. Shoutout to Centauri for making it.

🚫 Criminal behaviour

  • ESL is a bit hypocritical when it comes to war. Esports, try not to be connected to controversial persons/companies/countries challenge.
  • Just like Crypto, Astralis’ decline has been catastrophic.

📈 Underrated scenes

  • How good are the female pros, really? Pley has got the answer for you.
  • SPUNJ dove deep into why his region is struggling to bring us major talents. We feel bad for him.

🙃 Blursed


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