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March 6, 2023

Welcome to another Monday, soldier. We hope we start your week off the right way; dreaming about Source 2. And laughing at American teams losing.

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CS:GO Part 2 (The Sequel) [The Continuation] {Volume II}

Rumours are rumours, until they aren’t. Richard Lewis has confirmed what had already been leaked before our last edition: Source 2 is on it’s way. Of course, we know one source is really no source, but when it comes to sauce on Source 2, we’ll trust this source. Sorse.

Basically, anonymous sources tell Lewis that Source 2 CS:GO (not CS:GO 2!!) is coming and that:

  • It will improve graphics
  • It might make it run worse on old systems
  • It will bring 128 tick MM servers
  • It will overhaul and (hopefully) improve matchmaking (eliminating the need for FACEIT or ESEA)

Now the community has already gotten their knickers in a twist over all this news, so we’ll slowly walk you through what this all means, plus some other changes we believe Conter-Strik Too: Electric Boogaloo might bring.

Claims we deem dubious

Source 2 will make CS harder to run! You know what else runs on Source 2? HL: Alyx. Both CS and Alyx have something in common: they need a lot of FPS. One’s to prevent you from getting motion sickness, and the other is to prevent you from blaming your FPS instead of your skills. We think it might not be that bad.

Source 2 will majorly change the physics and ruin nades, peeking, bhopping! Nades and peeking? probably not. Valve has been working on Source 2 for a while now - remember, Source 2 has been out since 2015 - we think Valve’s top priority is keeping that distinctive Counter-Strike feel. As for bunnyhopping, depends on what Valve wants.

Source 2 will delete my Dragon Lore! No, it won’t. Do you really think Valve would delete their only monetisation of their game for no reason? Think, reader, think.

Claims we deem not so dubious

Source 2 will make matchmaking better! Yes. We think Valve really does want to completely overhaul MM, because anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last five years knows it’s absolute dog poo. This is their opportunity bypass FACEIT and ESEA, by adding 128 tick and a better matchmaking system.

Watching demos will become a breeze with Source 2! Source 2 and Source 1 are completely different engines. The new engine might mean improved demo playback.

Mapping will finally become fun again! FMPONE has proved this already, having covered the new Hammer editor extensively, and showing us that compiling (exporting) the map might take longer, but the new engine has brought the editor into this decade.

So in short, Source 2 might be boring for us folks. New matchmaking, slightly newer visuals, and 128 tick is all we will probably get. But mappers get better tools, and Valve gets something less spaghetti-coded.

Don’t Panic.


AZR AZR AZR, Sprout Sprout Sprout

AUS and IGL, two three-letter words that describe a three-letter name: AZR.

For the uninitiated, AZR was one of the core members of the ever-present Renegades roster. Their specialty was to qualify for majors through the Asian Minor every cycle. That same Renegades team defined Australian CSGO for years, leaving their mark on the region until this very day.

Now, he’s back. Although in Europe.

He’s joining a Sprout that, since refrezh stepped down, has been desperate for a leader. If there’s anything AZR can be, it’s that. He’s been the IGL on his previous teams and led them to relative success for the region. Of course, whether he can do it on Sprout, is a different question.

Sprout has managed to hold onto the talent that saw them do well at the major, but has lacked the system to make it work. If AZR’s job is simply to give the players a stable platform, he’ll most likely be a success. If they want an IGL who can frag, well, then they’ve gone to the butcher for a salad. AKA the wrong place.

Regardless of how it goes, it’s nice to see a living piece of CS history back in a team.

We’re rooting for ya AZR.


Complexity era zero days

Illustration by ANDYJ.

Do you remember when Complexity were a top team?

About two weeks ago, for all of about… two days?

After a depressing start to Pro League they had a great chance to bounce back, against the ghost of FalleN past.

They got spanked 16-1 on Inferno.

However, it wasn’t all bad. They edged a close game on Ancient and forced overtime on Overpass in the third, but Imperial had them on the ropes. Until JT did something miraculous.

It galvanised them, and Complexity were back on the warpath. They cleaned up in double overtime, and stepped up to BIG with renewed vim and vigour, slapping them down in OT on Vertigo; BIG’s pick.

And then capitulated, again.

hallzerk picked up just 31 kills in the next two maps when Complexity needed him most - the opposite story to their performance in Katowice - and BIG powered past NA’s hopefuls.

BIG, it seemed, had recovered from their loss to FURIA, and now had a chance vs the Fighting Dragonites of Spain. Movistar Riders, without SunPayus. If you were a top 20 team…

The Germans stole Vertigo, but were cleanly popped on Nuke and Ancient, with their new star AWPer dropping a 45.4 ADR -14 game, and k1to somehow stinking up the place even more.

Somehow, Movistar Riders snuck their way through the group.

At least something made sense. Heroic pushed past MOUZ in relatively convincing fashion.


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