20 years of headshots

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

20 years ago, it was the year 2000.

No, really. It was.

The PS2 was released, The Sims came out, Coldplay decided to accost our ears with their debut album. It was a magical time. Oh, and Counter-Strike came out, and changed all of our lives, whether or not we knew it back then.

Back then, f0rest had just turned 24. Probably. NiP were just coming out of their prime, French CS players were falling out with each other, NaVi had a strong but dysfunctional team. Wait...

A happy 20th birthday to the best game of all time. Oh, and ZywOo, the... we won't go there. Not just yet.

Rumours suggest we might be having a celebration. Operation 10 is go. Perfect time for it, really, what with the... gestures vaguely at everything outside*.* We're hoping it's more than just Christmas hats on chickens and a few missions.

We liked the old ones, with all the maps and stuff. We want Austria and Cobble back, Cache in the map pool, Dust 2 taken out and a date with Emma Watson - which is all about as likely, at this point.

So strap in this Winter - the 20th year of CS might be the best one yet. Maybe VP will come back for one last hurrah again. Wouldn't that be great?

Better than Danger Zone, at least.

November 8, 2020

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