2016 called, they want their AWPer back

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: @kennysofficial

Oh yeah baby, it’s all coming together.

This is all a storyline just waiting to happen, and it’s making us all giddy in all the right places.

kennyS, after six years with G2, has now joined Falcons where he’ll look to make his return to the CS:GO scene. Six years after him, apEX, and NBK shuffled on through to the “French Superteam”, he’s now back with the Natural Born Killer - and they have a goal.

The 27-year-old icon says he wants to “finish his career in a way that is not being on the bench” and we can’t blame him. With the Paris Major already in everyone’s sights, there’s one thing that’s clear: they want to be there.

They are joined by some more household French names. NBK and kennyS lead the charge as eldest members, but misutaaa looks to prove his Vitality stint wasn’t the only thing he has in him.

Another relative youngster of the French scene is Python. His name’s floated around before, but he’s never really broken through. He spent about two months on Heretics and almost a full year across the border with Unicorns of Love.

That leaves just one more spot on the team. That spot is reserved for the man who was once seen as the next generation - someone who’s been thrown at the wall a lot but has never really stuck to it.

He was once called up from one of the earliest academy teams, joining a deconstructed EnVyUs who were well past their prime. Envy was small, and G2 had become the top dog in France. That didn’t stop hAdji, however.

All in all, this team has it all. Generational talent that’s looking for their jump back in along with some misused youngsters as well as a well-balanced fifth.

On paper, it’s all good. Up until the point that you remember they’re French.

November 17, 2022

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