21 gun salute for Le Tank

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: @RpKTANKK

Throwback. It's 2016 and a younger and more gullible napz is watching Counter-Strike for the first time.

He tunes in to a random match. It happens to be NiP vs EnVyUs. He instantly falls in love with the Frenchmen, and makes it his favourite team.

But then, disaster strikes. Courtesy of the second French shuffle, his favourite team is destroyed, with KennyS and NBK leaving to G2.

One player joins Envy in their place though, and his name is "Le Tank" - but he usually goes by RpK.

But young napz does not care one bit and becomes a fan of mousesports instead because of ChrisJ.

See, we had you hanging on our every word, and yet disappointed you in the end. Get used to it kids, life doesn't get better.

But do you know for who life does get better? RpK.

The man's just come off of a beautiful career playing for the great French teams - VeryGames, Titan, G2, Vitality - alongside the big names of Counter-Strike - shox, apEX, ZywOo - and now he gets to sit back and enjoy it all.

Frankly, we will miss his P250 prowess, and his rare, but more than enjoyable, game changing moments.

So farewell RpK, and may the echoes of your cannon fire resonate throughout eternity.

Damn, that was poetic.

September 2, 2021

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