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Elliott Griffiths
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Alright, take a large gulp of coffee. There's a lot to go through - if we don't mention your favourite team enough, we're sorry, and you can check the results for EU and CIS here.

There were differing fortunes for the Swedish teams, as fnatic got clapped by FaZe and then were powerless to resist afro of DBL Poney. NiP, on the other hand, clapped FaZe and crushed Fiend. Maybe going international works better with Danish players than English ones. Just a thought.

Complexity recovered from a horrible start against SINNERS to at least beat Endpoint, but the result against SINNERS doesn't look that bad when they ended up beating Heroic too. At least Astralis are keeping Denmark afloat, also beating Endpoint and then beating Movistar.

Vitality obliterated MAD Lions 16-2, but Sprout took them all the way to a nail-biting 30th round. ZywOo picked up a 1v3 with the ace (clip in two parts) in what turned out to be a very important round. He's pretty good.

G2 are 2-0, in what shouldn't be a surprising result, really, but after the last month or so, it is. They did only beat AURA and BIG, the former in a 16-1, but a 2-0 is a 2-0. BIG are now 0-2, but G2 and mousesports are pretty tough games. It happens.

Copenhagen Flames beat FPX by four, and then beat AURA by two, which is probably a damning stat for FPX. Makes perfect sense that they went on to beat mousesports in game two.

CIS was kinda wild, both in results and... gameplay. Let's go with gameplay. From this absolute nonsense round from Spirit to electronic knifing two in a round in response to Krad doing the same, it's been crazy.

However, despite that, Team Spirit are now officially qualified for the Major, despite losing to Entropiq. Day one wins over Akuma and Nemiga were enough to guarantee their spot, according to Milan Švejda of HLTV.

forZe have been the big story, having lost to both Unique and INDE IRAE on day one, and then choking a massive lead against Gambit to lose in over time. xsepower still available?

Gambit have won every game except against VP, and VP have won every game except against... INDE IRAE. shrug

INDE IRAE are 3-1, and have really been the surprise package. You might know DavCost, but the others we really doubt. X5G7V has been their best player at the event, and also is the name of Grimes and Elon Musk's kid. Probably.

At least NaVi have won every game.

September 30, 2021

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