37 coaches banned for bug abuse

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH.

We can't believe 37 coaches are going to be out of work, and none of them were peacemaker.

Take a look over that list. Rejin, HUNDEN, dead, we already knew that. But ruggah, RobbaN, ave, Twista? starix?

Oh, and MechanoGun. What in the name of Christ was he doing? 424 rounds. FOUR. HUNDRED. AND TWENTY FOUR. That's more rounds than FunPlus Phoenix have ever played in CSGO.

424 rounds over 16 games. That's totally insane. We're equal parts baffled, appalled and bizarrely impressed by how brazen his cheating was.

The one who we're most disappointed in was ruggah. He's like a loveable teddy bear, a warrior of truth and righteousness, but no more. Admittedly, it was only one round, or 1/424th as much as MechanoGun. We can't hate him for one round.

Twista, however, used the bug for 53 rounds, which is pretty unforgiveable, and as such he's on for a near-16 month ban - ruggah got less than 4.

MechanoGun got a three year ban - partially due to the sheer amount he used it, and also partially due to the fact he didn't even admit it. Absolute bloody madman. Surely he'll be banned for life eventually.

RobbaN apparently used it for 17 rounds, but it was in a 16-1 loss. So, like... hard to think he used it to much use. We'll get to that - his excuse is arguably the most compelling.

starix didn't admit to it either, and earned himself a ten month ban. More on that later...

October 1, 2020

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