5 fun facts from ESL Pro League

Phillip Rasmussen
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#1 - Astralis are not SG abusers, NiP are: Astralis bought the SG the least of any top teams. Only 7% of the times they could purchase a AK47 or SG533 they went for the SG. Meanwhile NiP went for the SG 79% of the time (!). If the NiP somehow disappears (even more) overnight, you'll know why.

#2 - No one likes the AUG: Players were three times as likely to purchase a M4A1-S as they were  an AUG. You know a gun has been nerfed into the ground when you want a silent squirt-gun over it.

#3 - Inferno plants are a coinflip: If you want to gamble-stack on Inferno, just flip a coin. Of 616 recorded bomb plants, 308 was on A and 298 was on B. That's a 51.3/48.7 split.

#4 - Always stack A on Vertigo: 65% of recorded bomb plants on Vertigo is on the A site, so if you're not a part of the Vertigang core, just stack 4 man there every round. It's gotta work at some point, right? Right?!

#5 - You win if you plant on the A side of Train: If you thought the B site on Dust2 was hard to re-take, look at the defuse-stats for planting on the A-site of Train, as reported by Stayinpit. Only 13.3% of bombs are defused - that's a lower success-rate than North has at recruiting players.

April 16, 2020

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