A chance for redemption

Harry Richards
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Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: BiG Clan

Online tournaments, remember them?

Relog Media are putting on a $333,000 tournament this week, featuring Astralis, Cloud9, ENCE, BIG, and an array of tier 1.5 teams.

We’re one day into Brazy Party what a name for a tournament that is, by the way and it’s already got interesting.

For the teams that didn’t make the Major, this is the best level of CS they’ll be playing for a while. And, let’s just say that you can tell.

00NATION charged out of the gates to 2-0 BIG, and Altekz shone on his Astralis debut with a 1.22 rating as the Danes stomped GamerLegion (who were just saving strats for the Major, obviously).

Cloud9 were also making the most of it, needing 101 rounds to beat Sprout in their opener.

As did fellow RMR failures SAW, who beat ENCE (who had Nertz on 80 ping) 2-1 in one of their first games with new man arrozdoce.

What’s next, Imperial beating 9INE?

No. Of course not.

April 27, 2023

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