A different kind of “Jame Time”

Gijs Verhoeff
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💾 Jame’s saviour techniques

  • Looks like Jame’s not so holy after all. That’s right, he only cocks the AWP if he’s also cocked his… yeah.
  • If his previous tip proves ineffective - he does more than just the five-finger-shuffle to get himself into a Major winning mood.

😮 Org tweets that actually made us laugh (for once)

  • Endpoint self-awareness is on point.
  • Come on Heroic, you can’t be doing NIP dirty like that. They kinda deserve it, but still.
  • If you think some organisation social accounts feel boomery - just remember it could always be worse. Thanks, Olympics, very cool.

💰 Money problems?

  • These damn Maltesers aren’t so sweet after all. Just pay out your prizes guys…
  • Not the best time to be promoting crypto content Team Liquid.
  • Got about $400K laying around gathering dust? If yes, boy have we got an offer for you.

🪶 Major fluff

  • Counter-Strike’s mom is proud of her son but heartbroken at the same time. Let’s give her some love.
  • There’s nothing like a good map to end the newsletter with - and we’re not talking de_inferno. Thanks to Redditor u/stjimmy101 for making this awesome Major-related map!
November 17, 2022

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