A GODSENT for Ninjas

Sebastian Lalic
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It’s been six months since GODSENT’s Brazilian experiment failed, with little to show for it. At least they can claim they tried to listen to the fans’ calls for “Come to Brazil” but they might’ve misunderstood.

In their downtime, the org clearly felt inspired by the trips home they took after every LAN group stage and decided to take the same approach with their roster: Back home to Sweden.

GODSENT’s new roster consists of three former NIP players: draken, Plopski, and ztr. Three players who, on their day, have all shown the ability to hang around tier 1 opposition. The player furthest away from his NIP days, draken, even brought a friend. Isn’t that sweet?

We course mean RuStY, who’s quietly been around the scene for a very long time. He was on Red Reserve in 2017 and 18-19, Singularity in 2018, Gamerslegion until last year, and Into the Breach where he collaborated with draken. That’s about all there’s to say on RuStY… he’s the human embodiment of “meh”. Except for his name which belongs in “GaMeR CaPs” hall of fame.

Finally, there’s Joel, Yup, Joel. The antithesis of “GaMeR CaPs”. Joel’s is simply his actual name. He featured on Monte during the Rio RMR, losing to MOUZ and Outsiders along the way. So at least he’s experienced with losing to tier 1 teams.

Behind the team we find coach Golden. The same Golden that led Fnatic to a Katowice trophy. Say what you want about his individual skill, but as an IGL, Golden was immensely talented. He’s the last man to guide Fnatic to a trophy and under his leadership he made Flusha and JW look not washed up. Golden has the ability to be GODSENT’s biggest asset - the sherpa helping them to the top.

Or they could just be stuck in tier 2 forever, doomed to play K23 every week. Only time will tell.

January 15, 2023

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