A Heroic failure

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: ESL

Viva la France!

Or perhaps, whatever Denmark is in French. We could literally just Google it, right now. But let’s not pretend either of us care to.

Just as they did pre-Rio Major, Vitality have hit their stride one event early. Last year it was Pro League, but this time around it’s actually in Rio.

After a stunning performance in the semi-final, dupreeh was a little more subdued - especially on map two - but still came up big with some massive rounds to get Vitality a foothold on the T side of Vertigo.

Instead, it was the turn of the other Dane to take over. On the CT side of Vertigo Magisk picked up 17 kills in the big game as ZywOo wasn’t really needed. In fact, that’s kind of the story of the playoffs.

In the past, it’s seemed like ZywOo vs the world, and in big games on the stage he can’t carry. Not as much, at least - but Magisk and dupreeh have won so many events. Why shouldn’t they pick up the slack?

Indeed they did, and brought more Rio final pain on their Danish brethren. For all of cadiaN’s showmanship, his huffing and puffing, and his bravado, Heroic could not stand up to scrutiny in another final.

In many ways, it’s reminiscent of karrigan’s FaZe Clan roster, or perhaps indeed dupreeh’s old rosters way back when. Heroic are so, so good. Until they aren’t.

Inferno saw apEX show up in spades with 16 CT side kills of his own, as Vitality climbed to an insurmountable five round half time lead, leaving Heroic crestfallen in Brazil once more.

April 23, 2023

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