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Gijs Verhoeff
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🔀  Roster moves, baby!

  • With BNE being out of a coach, it’s been rumoured Devilwalk had the job. Unfortunately, juanflatroo and Rigon got a little messy with their Insta-stories and now we have pretty definite proof Devilwalk is involved. Always be ready to screenshot kids.
  • Aside from the slightly awkward announcement video, we’re all for hades’ next challenge with 9INE.
  • Speaking of roster moves: this Forester kid desperately needs some. He’s playing 1v5 every game damnit!

🐦 💙 Nothing quite like the little blue bird app

  • One freshly baked order of twitter drama, coming right up! Of course YNk and Astralis are involved.
  • Yes, sh1ro, very good. Ax1le is indeed your teammate.
  • This CS:GO Leeks report about EG is obviously wrong. They’ll just have the coach play eeny meeny miny moe.

📺  Counter-Strike’s funniest home videos

  • Have you ever wondered what tunnel vision would look like in CS? Well, with this crosshair you now know.
  • We hope Snax and his crowdfunding will finally be able to save all those lost packets in Sweden’s internet traffic. What an amazing cause to be fighting for.
January 15, 2023

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