A major hangover

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustrastrion by NovaH. Source: cadiaN

Not too long ago, in a country far far away. (from Abu Dhabi)

Two teams, Outsiders and Heroic, faced off in a battle for who would be crowned the MAJOR CHAMPIONS. Outsiders won it, becoming the world’s #1 team, and the losers, Heroic, took their own title in Copenhagen. Thus becoming their country’s finest and dethroning Outsiders as #1.

These two groups of warriors entered Abu Dhabi looking to solidify themselves as the best team post-player-break. So naturally, they’re both knocked out in groups. wait, what?

Outsiders started off with a tough game against Liquid. But with map 1 going Jame and co's way it looked like they were ready to continue where they left off. But then, something happened.

Anubis. Outsiders looked like amateurs at times on, to be fair, a new map. But it gave Liquid momentum which won them the series. Leaving Outsiders to face G2, easy enough, G2 have been bad all year and looked uninspired back in Copenhagen.

So G2 beat Outsiders 2-0 because there’s no such thing as sanity anymore. This included a 16-1 beatdown on Mirage that was almost good enough to apologise for trashing on G2 all year. Almost.

Leaving Major finalist:


cadiaN was dealt a solid hand, playing OG whose last win was over a month ago, they even lost to HAVU before Blast. Still, they went bust against Degster the dealer who dropped 40 on the last map of Anubis to take the series.

Which left a lower-bracket date with Na'Vi, where 1 in the name, #1 in the game rang true. B1t and s1mple ran wild against Heroic, who we should mention did have a stand-in. Even if that stand-in is a fired-up k0nfig. So we say bye to the second Major Finalist.

This does open the opportunity for an Airport re-match of the Rio Grand Final. There'll be about as many fans there as in the Arena on Sunday anyway.

December 15, 2022

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