A Major update

Elliott Griffiths
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There’s good news, and there’s bad news.

Which do you want first?

Oh, yeah. That’s kind of on us. We’re writing the story. We’ll start with the bad.

Open qualifiers for the RMRs are not completely donezo, but good teams being there might be. Teams who score well on the ‘Regional Standing’ will be transported seamlessly into the Closed Qualifier, where they can continue to lose.

Look, if you couldn’t get out of the Open Qualifier with four tries against Russian level 8s who only play Mirage and Astralis, you weren’t going to get out of the closed one either. Which makes the whole thing a bit pointless.

And importantly, far less fun. Watching Astralis lose to nobodies via the ESEA website’s tournament bracket was hilarious.

Instead, the Regional Standings will be used to bore everyone into having all the big names who aren’t very good into a Closed Qualifier to lose to the good teams. Boring!

There is good news, mind you. The Asian RMR has been expanded to eight teams - still the same amount of spots (though perhaps that might change when, we don’t know, there’s a Major in the east, maybe one with Perfect World), but at least we’ll get the best Asian teams.

Will be quite funny when it turns out that it was just IHC and Renegades all along.

See you in Paris!

December 15, 2022

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