A Major winner in turmoil

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Fuffy. Source: PGL / Luc Bouchonluc

Cloud9 might just be cursed.

Under one month into signing the Gambit quintet, one of them has been accused of match-fixing; as HObbit has been under the microscope.

A former teammate of his, who has a serious illness, has given some evidence to Richard Lewis to suggest that HObbit and some other top Kazakh players (including former AVANGAR player fitch) threw T side pistol rounds and bet on them.

While this is known as spot-fixing, where a team fixes a certain small part of a result rather than the whole game, it’s still highly illegal.

The evidence is somewhat compelling, but not damning; certainly not damning enough for HObbit to yield just yet. He has straight-up denied doing this, as you might expect, so it’s going to require some more digging.

ESIC has started an investigation, so prepare to know half the facts of the story by about 2025.

May 20, 2022

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