A (not-so) Major scheduling conflict

Sebastian Lalic
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Poor Valve, they finally announce dates for Majors WELL in advance. They also make them the last event of the season, like many of us have always asked for. And what do they get in return? Complaints on Twitter.

For those who only care about the Major dates and not complaints from people living their dream, the future events are scheduled for:


  • June 9 – 22
  • December 1-14


  • June 8 – 21
  • November 30 – December 13

As for the “spicy” parts, it all started with apEX tweeting: “Players it’s time to fight for our rights :-).” Which basically boiled down him being upset about not being able to do summer holidays with friends and family during July. As Zonic pointed out “the first tournament starts on the 21st of July” so the player’s realistically only have 1-2 weeks of vacation in July before they have to return and practice.

The main contrary opinion came from EliGE. His argument is that Valve’s proposed format is better as it balances the length of each season as opposed to the most recent seasons that had 7 months first, and 5 months second. Both sides then went on to disagree in the replies, a disagreement that achieved nothing. On twitter? We’re shocked

We can see the point to either side.

Players want to spend time with their family and friends. Whilst others would rather not burn out so a few players can have their break be slightly more convenient.

You can easily argue that other sports, notably football (soccer for you Americans) in mainland Europe, deal with the same break schedule. So with players still getting parts of July off, is it really that big of a deal? We’re not pro players of course, but we don’t see any other, better, alternatives.

Sod it, no more player breaks, just CS 24/7/365.25! That’s what you get for complaining.

July 20, 2023

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